I am a busted down Senior Citizen who has had a lot of fun getting here. I have an older brother, older sister and one younger sister. I have two great sons, one grandchild and my wonderful wife. I am pretty happy right now enjoying every day as much as I can.


Webmaster www.kumeyaay.org - do it for fun, why do they use the term "Master," it should just be guy or gal. I like Javascript and I use a lot of in my sites.

Getting Social Security and hoping I don't drain our 401K too fast.

Indian Trail Guide/Story Teller Mission Trails - Wow, Indian Trail Guide.

Data Base Management Analysis for Neighborhood House Association, San Diego CA - Head Start non-profit. 

Computer Systems Manager The law firm of Seltzer, Caplan, McMahon and Vitek., San Diego CA - Attorneys are really funny. This was a great job with great guys. Just before I got there the law business went down an a lot of firms went under. These guys stayed afloat and are still there. There were these Junior Attorneys who had a certain amount of time to bring in the bucks or they had to leave. These really brilliant guys and gals could not make the cut and were asked to leave, that was really sad.

Computer Systems Manager, Southern Indian Health Council, Alpine CA - My boss there did terrible things with money and it almost went under. To this day they have not recovered.

Computer Manager, Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians, Santa Ysabel CA - There is nothing like a fist fight breaking out in front of the tribal office.

Instructor at Grossmont College Computer Science, American Indian History, El Cajon CA - Full and part time, great students one of them ended up giving me a job. My Son and I both got our AS degree there.

Instructor at Sherman Indian High School, Riverside CA - Indian boarding school 500 miles away from parents.  My late Mom and Grandma both went there.  I guess I can say I went there too. A lot can be done to improve the school but there was the old guard making sure their family members were employed.

Economic Planner, Inter-Tribal Council of California/U. S. Department or Commerce - This used to be the pre-eminent Indian organization in California. They had a state wide convention once a year. One of my relatives met his old girlfriend at the conference and did not come home to his wife and kids for six months.

Instructor for San Diego City Schools, San Diego CA - Be a teacher and live in poverty, no kidding, teachers have no pay, no respect and drive economy cars.

I also taught at a series of trade schools - Adults borrowing money hoping for a decent future. I wonder if there are still trade schools. Somehow they existed by getting government training money. I don't know what happened to this industry.

Lockheed Electronics - Here I got the multi-layer circuit boards to not explode. I was a teenager at this job. I learned all about being on time, working lot of overtime, joining the union and other stuff. I had to leave the res and go to LA for this. I remember all the people that I worked with. It must have had some impact on the rest of my life.


B.A. Mathematics S.D.S.U., Teaching Credentials High School and Community College - I guess getting a degree in math is different than what most Indians do.  I barely got it.  Didn't give it much thought at the time.  Met my wife there

A.S. Computers Grossmont Community College - Ended up working here. That was in the very early days of computers. Hardware and software were not separated back then. I cut my first teeth in programming back then.

El Capitan High School - I really hated high school.  I ended up doing my student teaching there. I went to my 40 th. reunion. There were a bunch of old people there, I left early because I did not want to be one of those old guys.

What I like to do

Our Grandchild is now the love of our lives. My Wife, My Son and his Wife and my other Son are all crazy about her, the newest member of our family. Quite an enchanting experience and some day I hope you all will experience a Grandchild.

I like to drink coffee, in the morning, before my day flies apart. Then I go to the casino to charge my electric car. (Nissan Leaf)

When I was born the world was a different place, this was especially true of the reservation.  I was born shortly after WWII.  When I was a kid there was radio and TV, but my family didn't have them.  The road, to the reservation, was paved just to the start of the reservation.  Before I was born the main road passed by our house but during the C.C.C. (1930s) a new road was set out about 500 yards from our house.  Sometime, during my child hood, the road was extended about half way through the reservation and then all the way to a town called Ramona.  This just shows that we were really isolated.  As kids we made bows and arrows, we wondered through the hills.  We would gather the kids in the area and we would all sleep outside, under the stars, in the summer.  Things have really changed since then.  My family moved to a house, on the reservation, that had a flush toilet and we got a black and white TV.

Now there about five times as many people living on the reservation.  There are government and private houses built on the reservation.  There is a lot of traffic through the reservation.  Kids have satellite TV and watch MTV.  Kids don't wander through the hills with home made bows and arrows anymore.

I was just talking to one of my cousins. When were were kids we nailed together a wooden cart with a one cylinder engine. We drove it around until we crashed it. If any kids today did that people would be astonished. How can you learn to nail together a cart with a motor on MTV?