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The word Howka means hello.  The word CheKull means friend.  The phrase Howka CheKull had fallen into disuse and has not been used in general conversation for sometime.  I like it and still use it so I present it here. Greetings are complex because you must change the greetings depending on whether the person receiving the greetings is sitting down, standing up or laying down.  This is a short cut that covers all possibilities.  The word Howka means hello.  The word Memeeyu means 'how are you' and the shortcut word 'Tempa' means something like 'at the present time.'

Now to respond to the greetings.  The word 'Ehaun' means good.  The word 'Tempa' merely echoes back the above time frame.

To good morning you use 'NymSup', which means morning or tomorrow morning and 'Quahaun' which means good.  Sometimes you hear 'Eehaun' which is kind of a short way of saying it.

The Formal Greetings - All greetings are proceeded by 'Howka.' 

This is when you greet someone who is sitting down.  There is no requirement that they rise for you. This is the greeting if the person you are addressing is standing. Now, if the person is laying down. I have heard this greeting but I think it is slang. It may be from English "What's happening"