Basic Kumeyaay 

Well I changed this section, thanks to comments and help from a person who saw this site. For whatever reason I could not get my ball rolling until another coder made some comments. - Thanks

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If a work starts with a "K" sound then it is probably a command. "Asow" is food but "Kasow" means  eat. 

If a word ends in a "P" sound it is probably a past tense. "HaQuin" is birth but "HaQuip" means born. 

If a sentence ends with TaWaa it means it is happening right now. "Paul Asow" means Paul eats but "Paul Asow TaWaa" means Paul is eating. 

Putting a "A" at the beginning of a verb makes is a noun. "Nak" means to sit but Anak is a chair. "Yuk" means to lay down but Ayuk would be a bed.

Read below for info on how I am doing this.

I had a huge problem producing sounds. Everything was working and then it just stopped. I guess they changed the Brower or maybe Javascript but I just could not get this to produce sound. Some visitor, to the site, urged me on and I got it working again. You can hear the words by clicking on the buttons that will be displayed on the next page.

I have only one directory that contains all the words. The software picks up the range of words that are selected. Now I can record a word and copy them to one directory and the web page writes itself. This is all very clever if I do say so myself. The magic is in the name of the sound file. There is a dash that separates the English from the Indian. So I can name a file like:


My program breaks the letters at the dash. The first half becomes the English definition and the second half becomes the Indian. My program is named "list2.htm," that uses a lot of Java. The neat thing is that there is only one "list2.htm." When you make your choice of the words the program runs out and loads in the words and then writes itself. It reads the directory and then uses that information to write the web page.  

It is possible to get those fancy linguistic accent marks also. You need to read two letters in at once and have a conversion to the fancy symbols. I don't use them because most normal folks don't know them. This is a folks site and I am not a linguist.

I have chosen to use AU files rather than WAV because AU is native Internet and they are smaller than WAV files.