Buy a HD camera

Isn't that expensive? Well no, not any more. Here is what I use, it is called a Flip Video and it is HD with zoom. You just point and push the record button. It is really simple to use. You can get one for about $125, check eBay.



What about software?

The software is free, it comes with Windows XP. Here is what the icon looks like on my PC screen.

There is always a catch to free stuff. Windows Move Maker will not read the video from the Flip. The Flip produces MP4 files and Maker cannot read MP4, it only reads it own video files, so buy their products. There is an out for this, simply convert the Flip video to their video. Once again there is free software to do this.






Once again here is what the icon looks like on my PC screen

The URL for the free version is:

What's the catch? They keep prompting you to buy the Professional version, no big deal just say "No."

Here is what I do;

1. Shoot the video

2. Use Any Video Converter to convert the video to AVI.

3. YouTube accepts AVI so you are all set to go.

Ok, ok there is a lot more to it than that and I do not have time for a step by step right now but I hope to do one some day. Maybe I will make a YouTube on how to make a YouTube, well maybe not.

The Flip has a USB dongle and you plug the entire Flip, it is really small, into the PC USB port. The PC sees it as a disk drive so you simply copy the files onto your hard drive. 

More later - There is a Yuman Language Conference coming up and I was asked to participate. It would be neat to actually demonstrate how to do all this but the last time I asked if I could participate they just stared at me with glassed over eyes and said "No." This time they asked me but maybe they are just being polite. I live on the Rez but when it comes to hand outs I am not even invited to stand in the line so the Rez will not fund the trip and I really don't want to spend money that could go to my Granddaughter, so I will keep trying to put things on the web.