This is how a round is played.  When you miss a guy they get a point.  Once they get 15 points the game is over and they win.  If your side get 15 points then you win. 

You take a guess (shot) and try to get them all.  Each person you guess does not play and is out for that round. Remember if you don't guess them (catch them) they get a point (stick).  There are 15 sticks in a game.  At first the umpire (coinme) hands them out but when all fifteen are handed out the teams give their sticks back and forth.

Once the page loads you will see the guys bouncing around.  I haven't put in the blanket drop yet but assume they have dropped the blanket.  This page has a lot of code in it so wait a bit for the score to appear.  Then, like the practice page, choose your shot.  When you do they guys will present the pones and the program will tell how many you got and will also tell their score.  If you catch them they will not play the next hand.

For you programmers, the page is all live code, there is no refresh.

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