Bumpy -> TelthToolth
Burn -> HelthEMinn
Burn Various Versions -> HaThleMinn
Telephone -> teliifoon(Spanish?)
Lightning -> ShaLook
Sing -> CheeOh 9
Burp Belch -> MeThalp
Bush -> MilthKaa Actually that is a part
Business -> NeGulth Spanish
Business nine of your -> NimEHaup WaMowe
Hello! -> Howka
-> etit
Fog -> Qui
Acorn Cracking Rocks -> Sinyaow TapAach
Acorn Hopper -> HaKwinn
Distance Faraway -> Kurr EKurr
-> earch
Make Something -> wechoo
Do Plural -> EWip
Across (Plural Form) -> Nehkay
-> etit5
Abreast -> UuLut To Walk Several Abreas
Bottom -> KeWay You look into something
Across -> HeKay To Cross
Pattern -> WenYurr
Undomesticated -> xèentil (Spanish)
Honey -> Kemyul Honey Anything Sweet
Area Above -> Kwamaay Space Above
Admit Defeat -> Maat Winy He Gives Up Ad
Bright -> CheMeChum
Bring -> HeYiew
Adult -> Kwehmii
Dogs Tongue -> Haluupiish Type of Plant
Advice -> Paiichach Advice Thoughts What
Acorn Mush -> ShAwee
Bring Plural -> AaTaYiew
Adults (Plural Form) -> Kwathemii Adults
Younger Brothers Daughter -> pii my youn
Telephone -> AaShaLook
Advice -> Paychach Or Paiichach Advice T
Advise -> Achuutuu
Afflict -> Weyuw
Afflict -> Weyuw It Afflicts Him
Afraid -> Meheyaay
Basket -> Empuun
Afraid (Plural Form) -> Mesteyayp
Agile -> Layp
Beans -> Marik
Afraid (Plural Form) -> Weyuull
Afraid Of Everything -> Mesteyay
After -> Akewii
After That -> Nyamaayk After That Next
Afternoon -> Taurp Pekwill Afternoon
Afternoon -> Tuuurp Pekwill It Is Aftern
Afterwards -> Iiwaarm
Again -> Aakwayk
Again -> Nyanyinuy
Age -> Kwenyiikuy She Is Getting Old But
Age -> Kweriiak He Ages He Gets Old
Agree -> Aachpay
Ahead -> Haypuk
Ahead -> Kuum!
Ahead -> Yuuhuy To Be Ahead
Ahead (Plural Form) -> Yupuw
Air -> Mathaa Air Wind
Air Conditioner -> Kwethaachúra
Airplane -> Emaay Kuman
Alcoholic Drink -> Haa Kerap Alcohol Alc
Alfalfa -> Hiiwaatt Or Haywaatt Wild Alf
Alike -> Rewii To Look Alike
Alive -> Iipat
All -> Nyaamat
Bone -> Ak
Alive (Plural Form) -> Iipaatt They Are
All -> Nyáama Or Nyaáama All
All Day -> Enyaa Wehap
All Day -> Nyaahap
All Fours -> Werar
Animal Devil -> Chiillich
All Night -> Yuully Nyemsap
All Night (Plural Form) -> Tinya Nekepac
Alligator Lizard -> Hallyewii
Almost -> Nyemil
Animals (Plural Form) -> Nyechxaatt Dome
Acorn Meats -> Yeach actually means seed
Alone -> Ehiink Alone
Alone -> Esin
Already -> Nyuk
Angleworm -> Ill Worm Angleworm
Another -> Nyemich Or Nyemich Another On
Burrying Owl -> UuKwiss
Animal or Devil -> Chiillich
Burst -> WeTaap
Busy -> MeLay
But -> Like but this but that
Butt -> On your body
Butterfly -> Mes Maybe from Spanish
Button Bind -> TuuWilth
Buzzard -> SaEe
Angled -> Tellkuk It Is Arched Like A Bo
Angry -> Nemii
Always -> Rraw
Angry (Plural Form) -> Netuumii Or Nnett
Angry All The Time -> Niimii Waars He Ha
Angry Person -> Kwenmii Angry Person Mea
Ammunition -> Aapa
Animal -> Nyehat
Apply -> Aawil
Backfire -> Pesitt
Backward -> Maklly
Go -> Aam
Anniversary Mass -> Taakay
Ammunition -> Aapa Ammunition Arrow Bull
Another -> Nyimich More Another
Answer -> Aakwayk Waayp
Ant -> Chemilly
Antlers -> Kwa
Any -> Nyakwárra Any Any One It Doesnt M
Anybody -> Nyakwar
Spherical -> UululNaKwin
Anyhow -> Nyímvey
Anything -> Uchuch Anything Something Wh
Anytime -> Nyawaar
Back -> Aakwayk
Anyway -> Nyímvey
Anywhere -> Nyaári Anyplace Anywhere
Apparition -> Temeshaa
Appear -> Chepaa He Appears Reappears Co
Appear -> Nyuk Paa Or Nyuk Chepaa
Arc -> Aapkwiirp He Turns In A Half
Arch -> Sheruk Rainbow Arch
Arched -> Tellkuk It Is Arched Like A Bo
Area Below -> Kewaay
Back -> Emak In Back
Argue -> Achuuyiiw
Bake -> Wepap
Argue -> Chuukwiirp
Argue -> Chuukwirr Or Shuukwirr
Argue (Plural Form) -> Mat Uukwarp To Ar
Arm -> Esally Arm Hand
Arm -> Sallyawii Arm
Around -> Tapaa
Around (Plural Form) -> Nam Or Tenam
Arrive (Plural Form) -> Nekemich
Arrive There -> Pam
Arrow -> Epal
Arrow -> Kuupal
Arrow Straightener -> Wii Taaxaav
Arrowhead -> Paawily
Arroyo Willow -> Ayaaw
Arroyo Willow -> Halesii
Artemesia Californica -> Kwechash
Back -> NaKwaak
Artist -> Ritraat Kwechchaaw
Bake In Ashes -> Wenyiw
Ashamed -> Mereyuy
Ashamed -> Mereyuy He Is Ashamed Embarra
Ashes -> Mepill
Ask -> Akekwii
Ask -> Akekwii To Ask
Ask For -> Tiikay
Ask For (Plural Form) -> Tetekay
Ask Question -> Akekwii
Asleep -> Hemaa
Bark -> Wip
Asleep -> Wecshiilly
Asleep (Plural Form) -> Shuumaap
At Ease -> Ketuy He Is Comfortable Satis
Attend -> Achepay
Attend -> Yip To Hear Listen Pay Attenti
Attractive -> Hiinulyk
Audible -> Iiwal It Is Clearly Audible O
Audible -> Takwaa
Aunt -> Nepii Aunt
Automobile -> Kwenuw Or Kunuw Car
Bad Tempered -> Niimii
Ball -> Telaaúla
Autumn -> Ipahaw
Avocado -> Awaakaat
Awake -> Hechap
Awake (Plural Form) -> Chexaay
Awe Inspiring -> Mesheyayk He Is Awe
Axe -> Aach Axe Axe
Baby -> Ilymaam Kwastik
Baby Bird -> Aashaa Kwastik
Back -> Aakway
Rabbit -> kunyaaw 9 jackrabbit hare
Bee -> Kellyemuy Or Hillemuuy
Be Quiet incomplete -> Nyach Wii
Beard -> Alemii Moustache Beard Facial
Beef -> Kekwaayp Cow Meat Beef
Bad -> Wellich Ugly Bad
By Himself Alone -> EeHink
Bad Luck -> Nuuhwiip
Cabbage -> HalUpish
Cactus Apple -> EpAa Cheweu
Quail -> AkMaa
Badger -> Mehwaa
Baggy -> Lumlum
Bajenos -> Kwillyiipaa
El Capitan Grande Reservation -> QuilthM
Capped Closed Shut -> Tupitt
Capitan Chief Leader -> KawPai
Car Automobile -> KwinNew Means to run
Catch Plural -> WeYaaw
Bald -> Ehwall Halakay Bald
Bale -> Tuunak He Bales Something
Ball -> Millykaa Ball Made Of Root actua
Bad Smell -> WaaSruck
Bamboo -> Ehtaa Bamboo Cane
Bandage -> Aanak He Bandages It He Ties
Bandanna -> Haanaak Or Hanaak Bandanna W
Bangs -> Llyta Tuukatt
Baptize -> Aatuu
Barber -> Llyta Kwechkaatt
Barely Walking -> Al Al Wii
Chest -> EyAay
Bangs (Hair Cut Short At Front Of Head)
Barbecue -> Wehill To Broil To Barbecue
Bare -> Metpay Bare Without Covering
Barefoot -> Shekshally Or Emii Shekshall
Bark (Of A Tree) -> Hasiiyall
Barley -> Siivaad
Barn Owl -> Shichaak
Baron Long (Place Name) -> Materewaa
Acorn -> Esnyaaw actually name of tree
Accompany -> MaaYaayp He Is With Him
Bear -> Nyemuuly
Barona (Place Name) -> Baarroon
Barrel Cactus -> Hahpaa
Baseball -> Vool Uuniiw
Baseball Bat -> Vool Chaaraap
Basket -> Wepup or Epup to Weave
Bread -> MeeYalth
Break -> TuuWhuck
Basket -> Hataayil
Basket -> Llyauu
Break -> UuChalth
Break -> UuWauk
Break -> WeyWak
Basket -> Wepup
Basket Filler Material -> Kwayull
Break out -> Maat Ahurr body rash
Basket Maker -> Llyauu Kwechkwaach Weave
Cross to go across -> HeKay
-> 11
Add Numbers -> Kweent AachPach He Adds
Bat -> Milyaapan
Bat -> Vool Chaaraap
Bat (Flying Mammal) -> Milyaapan
Bridge -> WeenT Must be Spanish
Bathe -> Wellup
Bathe -> Wellup To Bathe
Bathe (Plural Form) -> Llyuuup
Bury -> AaMarr
Bathroom -> Chapaach
Battery -> Iichash Heart Battery
Battlefield -> Matewaay
Be -> Weyuu Or Eyuu It Is He Is He Becom
Behave -> AwínNee
Be Still! -> Aawínke Ketekewaa!
Beak -> Ashaa Aa
Bear Fruit -> Chewuuw
Beat -> Kuuwam
Bowel movement -> LeeChit
Bird -> Aashaa
Become -> Waa
Beat (Plural Form) -> Chuurrap Or Achuur
Drink -> AaSee
Bearded Man -> Aalmi Kwatay Bearded Man
Beat -> Aarrap To Beat Up To Whip To Bea
Beat -> Yaachih Wenuw Heart Beats Fast
Beat (Plural Form) -> Achuurap They Hit
Beat Fast -> Yaachih Wenuw
Beavertail Cactus -> Xpa Kwaxwatt Flat C
Bed -> Aayaak
Because -> Puknaach Because Thats Why Fo
Absent Minded -> MaayKIwayk To Forget To
Become -> Weyuu Or Eyuu He Becomes
Basket -> Sawily for Winowing
Bed -> Wechach
Bedding -> Shamaach
Brown Plural -> Ekwaash This sounds like
Brush -> AaKwaash I havent heard this on
Bee -> Kellyemuy Or Hillemuuy Bumblebee
Beef -> Kukwaayp
Brush -> IlthTaay this is the brush I us
Brush Rabbit -> EphAr
Basket -> Empuun Leaching Basket
Brushy -> Ilthtaay Brush Brushy
Beer -> Xa Siivaad
Beg -> Sewiilp
Breakdown -> WeaKinea like your car brea
Breast -> NyaMea
Behave Seductively -> Aahmuuyk
Behind -> Emak
Behind -> Nyamiik
Breathe Fast -> Yaass cuuLluop
Belch -> Mellhaawp To Burp To Belch
Believe -> Achepay To Believe
Believers -> Kwachpayp
Bell -> Kampaan
Belly -> Etuu
Breast feeding -> WeaMay WaPiss Breast S
Belly Button -> Millyepuu
Belonging -> Nyuwich
Below -> Kewaay Area Below Area Inside
Belt -> Wenyiip
Bench -> Pawaach Chair Bench
Snake -> Not necessarly rattlesnake
Bend -> Sherekuk It Is Bent In An Arc
Bend -> Uunyoh
Boy Child -> IllMom EeKutch
Brag -> MuttChuHey
Bend Over -> Cheputt
Fig -> Iis
Bent In An Arc -> Sherekuk
Berries -> Neur
Buy -> ShuHatt
Bereaved -> Metiipulp Its As If His Rela
Berries -> Neurr Small Round Fruit Berri
Beside -> Haaykaay
Best -> Chekwahanpt
Bet -> Chuumich
Bet -> Mesally Kam! Bet
Bowl -> SeeKwinYee basket
Brains -> EeChaucH
Bet (Plural Form) -> Chuumich
Between -> Haakaayk Or Hakaayk
Bicycle -> Mii Tanaaw
Fly -> Mes
Big -> Iikuu
Bigger -> Taych Waam
Big (Plural Form) -> Etaay Ortaay
Big Chief -> Kuchuutt Kwaaykuuy Or Kuchu
Bring Out -> AuchPauch
Brother -> ChAmalth
Big Sagebrush (Artemesia Tridentata) ->
Brother -> EchAmalth My Older Brother
Bighorn Sheep Constellation -> Emuu
Brother -> Esulth My Younger Brother
Brother In Law -> Enyalth
Brothers Wife -> MUun
Bird -> Kaaltis
Black Color -> Nilhy
Bird -> Kastish
Bird -> Temiiw
Birth -> Hekwanyp
Bite -> Chuukuw
Bite Off -> Chuukatt
Bitter -> Ehkwak
Black -> Nyilly
Black Ant -> Pekwan
Acorn Tree -> EsinYaow White Oak
Black Oak And Acorns -> Kuphaall
Black Person -> Kwenyilly
Black Widow Spider -> Hellytutt
Blackberry -> Hasiikway
-> oSound
Blackbird -> Aakwisay Redwing Blackbird
Blacken -> Tenyíllya
Blackness -> Kwenyilly Darkness Blacknes
Blacksmith -> Kaavaay Mii Kwetekxaap
Blacktooth Tribe -> Eyaaw Kwenyilly
Blanket -> Wechiip
Bleed -> Hwatt Wenuw
Bleed -> Xwatt Aachpach He Makes It Blee
Blind -> Hiimaap
Erase -> ShuuMar
Bloated -> Hepup He Is Bloated He Has A
Block -> Aapitt
Hand -> Esally
Bowl Shaped -> LeeHaup
Block -> Aapitt He Blocks Someone Or Som
Block -> Teun Or Tekun He Blocks Somethi
Brothers Daughter -> PIi My Younger Brot
Brothers Plural -> ChAmalth Older Brothe
Blocked (Plural Form) -> Tetpiitt They A
Brothers Son -> EWan My Brothers Son
Brown -> Kwas HayHaay This doesnt sound
Bloom -> Wetapsh
Bloom -> Wetapsh It Blooms A Flower Open
Bloom (Plural Form) -> Wetaapsh
Brush Against -> AaWash Branches Brush A
Bubbly -> CheLuup
Blossom -> Chewuw Blossom
Buck -> WaThlmm
Bubblegum -> NyaShaw
Blow -> Hepesuuy It Blows
Blow -> Metiixaay
Blow Bugle -> Helul
-> uckwheat Brush HalMilth
Blow Nose -> Huu Hepsuu
Bump -> TeLulth
Blow Up -> Pellyetap
Blue -> Hepeshiiw Or Hepeshiw Green Blue
Blue Eyed Grass -> Kuushaaw
Bluejay -> Uusuull Stellers Jay
Board -> Taawl Board Lumber
Boat -> Vaark Boat Ship
Bobcat -> Nyemii
Body -> Maat
Body Louse -> Hellychepuk
Bogged Down -> Emat Tehelump Or Emat Tuu
Boil -> Chuullup To Boil
Boil -> Wellyully
Bow -> AahTimm Also used for firearm
Boil Over -> Chepelluuyk
Braclet -> SauchTeKaap
Book -> Umall Or Uumall Book Letter Writ
Boom -> Shuukir It Thunders It Makes Boo
Boomerang -> Hampuu
Born -> Hekwanyp
Borrow -> Sewil
Boss -> Kuchuutt Kwaaykuuy Or Kuchuut Kw
Boys plural -> HaMeel
Both -> Hewaklly Both
Bother -> Uuhwally
Boy who died -> HaMaWarr
Card Game to play Cards -> KumpYan
Cards -> VeRak Spanish
Care Concern -> Eway or PeaSheu
Careful Watch Out -> AawinKey
Carey by a handle -> PaaMilth
Carry on back -> WeaYee
Bowl Shaped -> Lehup It Is Bowl
Carry with arms or hands -> HeeYaun
Carry on head -> Tuu
Carry on shoulder -> AaaK
Carry with strap arounf forehead -> TuuY
Cast Throw -> TuuLuk
Catch -> WeeYuu
Cat House Bob Lion -> YaMeeStick YaMee Y
Catch Up -> AaKuuHaup
Braid -> WeaNaap
Catch As to catch a ball -> KesTuch
Baby Small Child -> ElMom
Child -> HeckWanYee
Childish -> ElMom ReWee
Children -> ElMash
Chin -> TekaSaw
Chip Off -> TuuWaak
Assembly -> TuuYump
Chirping Sound -> ChaWiew
Choke on Something -> TeHeYour
-> hokecherry ETutt
Ache -> eKwaas Achy
Ache -> WearaaP Hurt Pain
Acorn -> Sinyaow Kemyul Acorn sweet
Cactus -> EpAa
Open -> WaaTaak
Cane -> EeTaah
Bridge -> Pweent from Spanish
Breezy -> Metiixaay It Is Breezy A Breez
Acorn Hopper -> HaKwiin Store acorns
Top Surface Exterior High Place Area Abo
Brand -> HaaTliMinn to burn a mark
Breakfast -> AaSin Mouth one
Bright -> Chamecham Wii Kwilshuw
Naughty -> KutchPay he is naughty disobe
Navel -> MilthyePuu
Bring Back -> Pekatt To Bring It Back St
Navel Ring -> Melthypuu SaKwiin
Near -> HalthPay near
Bring Out -> Aachpach
Bring Out -> Aachpach He Brings Somethin
Bubble Gum -> NeShaw
Bubble Up -> HuM
Bubbles -> LeUulth
Nearsighted -> Helthapay Eyuu
Breezy Windy -> MuttAhay
Mushy -> MeWaas
Clean -> HetchKwarr
Course Earth -> Mutt HulthHulth
Oak Live -> EssSinYow
Coat -> ChaPitt
Blanket -> ChaPitt
Coffee -> Ha KwaNilth
Coil -> WeaPup
Cold -> HaChurr
Collapse -> WaNaam
Fall Down -> WaNaam
Collar -> HaNaak to wear Around your nec
Color -> KwinYuur or TenYuur
Comb -> TuuChi
Come -> WeYou
Community Hall -> Awaa AkaYuch
Condor Buzzard -> SaaEe
Buzzard -> SaaEe
Complain -> Wethl Wyaap
Bad -> WaaTlh
Contribute everyone puts in -> Tuuyump
Cool -> TaaYuul
Corn -> TeAach
Brush Off -> Aamall He Brushes It Off He
Corn Husk -> TeaAach LeMiss
Corn Tassle -> TeaAach AlMe
Bubble Gum -> Neshaaw
Bucket -> Vaal
Correct -> EeHaun
Bug -> CheLitch I have not used this wor
Butt in -> NyaWhapp
Buggy Insect -> KaLease
Build Make -> WeaCho
Building any structure -> AwAa
Bull Pine Tree -> HelthKaYea
Bullet Arrow -> AaPah
Bumblebee -> KelthEMuy
Bugle -> Halul
Bump into -> TeTuu
burrito -> Verr Just say tortilla roll
Butter -> MantaKilla-Spanish
Birth -> WeTAap
Bushy -> TelthKwaak
Cover with dirt -> AaMarr
Crab -> KelthTay
Crack -> WeChalth
Crack Acorns -> TuuPaa
Crack Nuts -> UuWaak
Crackle -> PelthETaap
Cramp -> UuWier
Crater -> KwelthHaupp
Cricket -> Kilthkilth
Crippled -> WeWalth
Come in -> KawwHaup
Add one thing to another -> CheHunn
Another one -> NyaMisch
Appear Reveal Show ones self -> CheaPaa
Awake -> ShaKaap
Bandage -> AaNaak
Bare -> MetPay
Baseball bat object that strikes -> AaRr
Because -> PekNaatch
Bed -> AaYuk
Behind -> EeMuck
Believe agree -> AachPai
-> rown Kwash
Buttocks -> NePuu
Carry arms or mands -> HeYuun
Come in -> KaHaup
Come in -> KwaaHaup
Creek River -> KwaTaap
Draw write -> AaMulth
Elder person but not ancient -> KweaMee
One -> Sin
Flatulate -> PaaSit
Ghost Aparition -> TemAShaw
Leave usually rapidly -> ShaKaan
Motion from a fixed point -> AaAam
Move away from you -> AachPaaCh
Move backward -> AakwayYuuk
Move down -> AaChAun
Move toward you -> AaKaap
Name -> ChuuHii
Noise made by living thing -> TakWaa
Open Something -> WeaTukk
Pain -> WaRuup
Play gourd rattle -> WeTUu
Thick -> TaHeeel
Cahuilla from Los Coyotes -> HeckWash
California Hickory -> ShimYeah
California Poppy -> KemKatch
California Quail -> AkMaa
Sagebrush -> KwaChash
-> attlesnake Sidewinder
Call Yell -> KeNamm
Now RightNow -> NyaPee
Calm -> NaSoom Also Means Ended Over
End -> NaSoom
Cane -> ShaPuuAup
Watermellon -> KweeYoup
Catch Fish -> AaHalk
Cattail -> EePilth
Go -> Aam 9 means motion
Camera -> WaMalth
Campo -> MuttHai
Cant Unable -> PuuWarr
Breath -> Yaas
Pound with hands -> WeaTutt
Press down hold in place -> SaaWin
Question as in ask -> Chea-Maa
Relative not immediate family -> SheMull
Round Give me the round one -> KeTaChurp
Take away from someone -> SheKeaMaak
Take it away -> KaaAam
Or -> mat
Tall -> EKush
Canyon -> KwaRar
Talk language -> Wayp
Throw -> WeTumm
Tree Oak -> SinYaow
What -> Uuch
Young Baby -> IlMam
God -> AaMaiAha
At peace(like nervana) -> Yeah TaNuk
Hello friend -> Howka CheKull
Ham and Eggs -> Funny Dad
Maybe Just Maybe -> PenKeet
Loud Strong -> ShaMulth
Tail -> SheaYulth
Take around and show -> KaaKaap
Acorn Mush -> Shawii
Again do it -> KaKwaipKaWee
Airplane -> Amaii KuuMun
All Day -> InYah WaHaup
All Night -> Yuutlh MimSup
All of You -> MinYaMut
All Over Finished -> YamaGes
All Ready Happened -> EeNuk
All Together -> InyaMutt Ewipp
Alone(I am alone) -> Inyage ASin
Alone -> AaSin
Already -> Nook
Angry -> NahMe
Ant -> ChaMilth
Anybody -> NaQuerr
Arrive -> NyaPaage
Are You Comming -> Maag MeYew
Are you eating(You eat are you) -> Maag
Arrow -> KoPall
Ashamed -> MerYui
Ask(Another method) -> TeeKai
Ask(If you want to know ask Pat) -> MeYo
Ask(plural) -> TeaTeeKai
Ask -> KaKaKwee
Ask Sam for it -> SamTeTeiKai
Auto same as Car but I added Awa which n
-> owka
Owl -> uuu
Back Carry on -> Hatut Weitlh
Badger -> MaWhaa
Barona side of Capitan Grande -> QuilthM
Basket flat type -> SaWill
Bat(Mamal) -> MilaPun
Be quiet(2) -> WhalthKey
Be quiet -> nyageKey
Beans Eat Want -> Marrick AasowErr
Belt -> WeNeep
Big -> WaTai
Bill is catching up -> Bill KuHaup
Bills not heavy -> Bill WaNilth Mauw
Bird(Little) -> AshaaQuisTick
Bird -> AaSha
Catapiller -> EtlthQuaNon
Catus -> EpAaa
Cave -> MuttQualthp
Cave in -> WaaNum
Lilac -> PuuWee
Ceder -> ShaTai
Celing -> Awaa-KwaMai
Chew -> ChuHirr
Catch Disease Rash -> AalthMin
Bad -> WaaLth
Circular -> YarYar
Close -> TeHePalth
-> lose AaMach
Cloth -> HeChaw
Cloth for straining ShaWee -> SalESal
Clothes -> TeeHeelth
Egg -> Urr
Caught -> TuuWilp
Ceremony -> TakAYuk
Century Plant -> EeMalth
Chafe Scrub or Scratch -> CheWarr
Chaff -> ChaWalth
Chair -> AaNaak
Challenge -> UnYiew
Chamesh Brush -> EePiee
Chamis -> GaMUuse
Chaparell -> SheWilth
Filthy Really Dirty -> TakaTuk
Chase Away -> NamAWee Naams
Checkerboard Pattern -> KwinYurur
Cheeks -> HalthEWaa
Cherish -> EWay
Bird ate -> AshaaPaatey
Change Change Something -> ChaHuuKaap
Change Money -> KemeWalth
Bird ate the worm -> Asha WilthAsow
Bird Egg -> Asha Urr
Blanket(Sometimes Jacket) -> ChaPitt
Block Something from going forward water
Bloom -> WaaTuppGeis
BlueJay -> KwillASauce
Bob did it(Bob something made) -> Bob Uu
Boss1 -> EkutchKuuKoup
Chase Follow -> AkaWee
-> hatte ChaWeach
Chear -> ChaWiiew
Boss2 -> EkutchKwaTai
Bow -> AaTim
Bring it in -> KaaKaHaup
Broken -> WyKunn
Brother(younger) -> AaSull
Brought something -> Ewaa AaHaup
Brown -> Kwash
Buckwheat -> HaMelth
Busy -> EeHalth
Busy2 -> MillYiap
Buy -> ChaWhatt
Buzzard -> Sauii
Came to a place(past) -> Pumma
Sage Chia -> PeSilth
Chicken -> AkMa KurKurr
Chicken Hawk -> PekWalth
Chief Boss -> KuuChutt
Cane -> SaAark
Cane lean there -> Charr KaaKaPai
Car Automobile Means something that move
Carry with arms or hands -> HeYuun
Cat bobcat -> NuuMe
Cat houseCat -> YaMeStick
Cat Mountain Lion -> YaaMeTay
Chase -> AaKoMe
Chased but got away -> AaKoWeTaPaNilthPu
Chasing me -> InyageNekAWeTapai
Chicken -> AwkMaaKurKur
Chief (Means man wearing horns) -> KwaPa
Child Female -> EllMom
Child Male -> HuMaii
Choak on something -> TiYear
Choak something hard -> TuRah
City or Town(QuinYer means pattern) -> A
Climb -> NyaKulth
Clock has two hands -> ChuTick Shulth Ha
Close -> ChoPit
Close Your Heart (forget) -> EeyeChaPit
Chop Pound -> AaChoak
Pound -> AaChoak
Circular Motion Command -> KweTeWhirp
Circle -> TakaWhirp
Clothes -> TaHeel
Clothes too big -> TaHeel EeTay
Coil verb as in coil a basket -> WeaPup
Cold hot -> HaChurrWaRoau
Come -> KeeYeu
Come (Get in) -> Aahup
Come Along -> WeYeuGis
Come eat -> KaYukeAsow
Come to a Place -> Pumm
Comedian Joker -> ChenYaat
-> aaaa
Circle to make -> TepeChurr
City -> Ewaa KwinYurr
Civet Cat -> KathlEWeiew
Clam -> HelYaak
Clap -> PeTaa
Clay Pot -> SaKawaNyee Mutt
Clap -> Petah To Pat To Clap Hands
-> loudy Qui AaMarr
Come Back Return -> PuuWek
Return -> PuuWek
Come Down -> WeChum
Comet -> EWhiew
Come In -> WeHaup
Say -> wii
Come Off -> WeThlluk
Come Up -> ChePuk
Clean Wheat -> ApuuKaat
Clear -> LiWasl
Clear Throat -> AaHulth
Clear Up -> AakEay
Cleared Space -> AaYuuk
Ckicking Sound -> ChuuTick
Wrist Watch -> ChuuTick
Climb -> AaKulth
Come On -> NeaKeaPaatch
Come Out -> CheaPaa
Gathering Place -> MuttAYoum
Arrive -> Paum
To Arrive -> Tuu-Paum
Comfortable -> KeTuiew
Come Along -> TuuYiew
Clock -> Inya KukNaap
Close By -> HelePay
Closed Off -> ChuPitt
Comes Out -> CheaPuck
Comming Behind me -> YaMeKweYou
Cook -> KaTlth
Corn -> TeeYech
Correct -> YoHaun
Coyote -> HuttaPa
Crazy -> SimARey
Cross Patg -> MetThthKay
Crow -> HaAak
Cry -> WaaMee
Cry Babby -> IlMomKwechMich
Cup -> Aacheech
Cupeno -> HaakWacch
Tea -> té
Cloud Rain Fog -> Qui
Rain -> Qui
Coal -> KeTeh
Course -> SePulth
Cut -> AhCut
Damage something -> InaHamurr
Dance -> KayMa
Dark already -> YaAm uuye
Darkness -> AaHaon
Dead -> MissPaa
Desert (Sweet) -> KimYulk
Did you win -> MaagMaMutta
Disassemble -> UuTook
Do It -> KaaWe
Dont Know -> InyageWaKa
Dove -> KillAsWee
Mush Acorn -> shaWii
Dont talk(Talk no) -> MiKaipMouw
Motion -> Waam
Eagle -> EshPaa
Ears Closed (Deaf) -> ChaMulth ChuPit
Ears Cover -> ChaMulth Apit
Eat Hard Stuff -> AaSow
Eat soft Stuff -> AaMauw
Eat Worm -> EeshuWick Asow
Eating Sitting there -> WeSow TaWaa
Egg in the past(Laid) -> Uurp
Escape -> ChaPumm
Everybody -> InYaMutt
Drinking Vessel Cup -> AaSeeCh
Eat Plural -> WeSuu
Family -> KinYuWay
Feed -> UuSoo
Female Child -> EllMom
Female Old -> KwaKui
Fingers(Stick stick out finger) -> SaSau
Fingers -> SaushESalth
First(Sam was first) -> Sam Hipook
First -> Hipook
Five -> Sarup
Fly -> WouMunn
Follow -> YaMe
Follow each other -> AaQui
Food -> Aasoo
Forget -> YeahChaPit
Forgetfull -> MiKeyEak
Come Apart -> WeaTim
Forgive -> ChuPit
Forgot -> MiKeWake
Four -> ChePup
Fox -> ParHow
Falcon -> PekWall
Frog -> HaunTuck
Frozen -> ShaQueer
Frozen meat(meat frozen) -> KaKwaip ShaQ
Full as in Container or Moon -> TeaMurr
Full Stomach -> NyaWilth
Gather together -> TaeYUmp
Get back on -> KwaiiKaaKulth
Get Dressed -> TeahHillp
Get It and Go -> YoKaum
Come From -> KuuPay
Get married -> WeeUmp
Get off -> WaaChin
Get out of fridge -> KitHaChurr KaPutch
Get Up -> KuuMunn
Girl Young -> ElMom
Give -> Keen
Go he is -> WaamGes
Go Inside -> KaWaitlh
Go motion -> Aam
Go to wedding -> Inya weepai ewuu muttay
Goes there that person -> WaamGes
Going to race -> Forgot to write
Good morning -> Inya QuaHaun
Goodday -> Inyah QuaHaun
Gopher -> TekSee
Got(When I got) -> Inyage NyaPaum
Got -> NyaPa
Got It -> AaKawe
Got It -> CheeTlth
Got it -> EeYoo
Got it stole it -> EeYoo ShaHe
Got Something brought it in -> YooAHaupA
Got the rabbit -> HaThlo AaKawe
Grass -> HaMe
GreaseWood -> UpShe
Green and Blue (Same Color like Chinese)
Grind -> TaWaa
Cone -> HeaWee NyaUrr
Pine Cone -> HeaWee NyaUrr
Compare -> PuchAAwee
Connect -> TeaaKaap
Conserve -> NyemWarr
Constallation -> Emay HetaKurr also HetC
Constipated -> TukWeer
Contented Happy -> EyahEahun
Collar -> KweaYarr
Complete -> UnYiew
Continue All Day -> Inyaa WaaHaup
Continue All Night -> Yuulth-YimSup
Hand -> EeSalth 9
Computer -> ShaLook EeChauch
Bighorn Sheep -> Emuu
Container -> ShaKwin
Grind(Then grind it) -> NyaPumKeTaWa
Ground Owl -> KurrKurr
Grow -> HaMee
Half -> SaKaap
Handcuffs -> ShaShumToWhilth
Happy -> EyaahEhaun or EyaahQwahaun (Hea
Hat -> MaapEYer
Hat where is -> MaapEYer MiAMuk
Hat where is -> MaapEYer MiAwaaGes
Have -> WicH
Have for a little while -> Estik Weoo We
Heal -> UuMunn
Cooked -> PelthMa
Hawk -> SheChuck
Cook -> WeSealth
Cook -> WeaThulh Boil
He Got It or Stold It -> WeOhShaHe
He got lost -> MetPinSim
He is close -> HilPaiPaaAage
He Is Crying -> WaMeTaWaa
He Is Locked Up -> TowWhilthAMaWaa
He Spoke -> PuugeWype
He Spoke Past Tense -> MaageWyapMeYo
He was mad then good -> TaWages NyaPil e
He went in -> AaHup
Hear -> WeYip
Cotton Tail Rabbit -> HaThlow
Couch -> AnnAk
Chair -> AnnAk
Cottonwood -> Halampuulaamp
Heart (The heart is emotional and intell
Heavy -> WaaNilth
Cough -> Uh Or Uuuh
Cousin -> Llyaa
Cousins (Plural Form) -> Lyay
Heavy (Sentence) Bill Heavy Not -> Bill
HeShe is far -> KuurAWamme
Historically long time ago -> HeYaa
Hit With A Stick -> Aarrup
Coward -> MeaHayYah
Cowboy -> KeckWay KepShaw
Hit with fist -> ShaTuu
Hold On -> HaaWin
Home -> InYa Wa
Horse -> HuttMuckSqwak
House -> Awaa
House went into -> EeWage Aahup
Hug -> Aascope
I Agree -> Inyage AshPai
I came but got lost -> Mutt Auc Meta Pin
Top -> pur
I saw something brought it in -> Inyage
I was eating -> Inyage sow TaWaa
Crash -> PeaTuu
I Speak you be quiet -> Inyage Ayp Nege
I was eating and sombody came -> Inyage
I went a long ways and now im tired -> M
I won -> InyaagAmul
If he does that he will get mad -> Nyp N
Im Going -> InyaageAm
Im Hungry -> Inyage NyaWerr
In The Past -> WeYumpTaWa
Indian brought a lot in -> Ipi Tlho KwaH
Juice -> NyaHi
Crave -> NymChaap
Crazy -> SimmARye
Drunk -> SimmARay
Crawl -> CheHeaTat
Creek -> KukKwass
Inside something -> KuuWylth
Its good -> ChimAhaun
Jump -> HeaTuup
Kiss or Suck -> WaPiss
Kneel(Command) -> KaHaupToomp
Knife -> MaRoo
Knife cut -> EmAroo Acut
Creosote -> Ii Psi
Use -> a
Know that person -> Eekutch Eyoo EeYow
KumeyaayNew -> Kumeyaay New Way
Crochet -> MekWaa
Little People -> EeYahPoo
Across -> HeKay
Crow2 -> HeTaay
Crowd of People -> TiPai QhilthA
Crush Pound -> TuuChuck
Cure Doctor Soeome -> NeeWaaPaa
Curved -> TelthECook
Angle -> Paipa
Rock -> EeWii
Cylinder -> AaMilMil
Four -> CheePup
Six -> PeeKay
Three -> HaMook
Two -> HaWaak
Six -> HaamHook
Seven -> PeKay
Pound Crush -> TuuChuck
Daddy Long Leg Spider -> MelChaKwaaw
Damn -> HaaTuuPit
Damage -> NyeHeMirr
Day -> InYah
Dead -> ShaWatt
Sunlight -> Inyike
Deep -> NaWhay
Depression In The Ground -> Kwellhup Or
Heaven -> Memaay Ehaa
Dead Die -> MaaLie
Die -> MaaLie
Younger Sisters Son -> epii my younger s
Dawn -> KwelEUu
Who -> kw-
Curl -> TanYurr
Entangled -> AaKwin
Did you look in the back of the house ->
Did you look in the house -> Awaa HuKai
Peon Total Shot -> Media Todado
Peon Small Shot -> Media Chico
Curlers -> Llyta Taanyuurr
Peon White Full Shot -> Weddo Todado
Peon White Middle Shot -> Weddo Grande
Peon White Small Shot -> Weddo Chico
Deceased Child Boy -> Xamawaal
Cut Open -> WerrCutt
Cute Pretty -> HeNilk
Deceased Child Girl -> Xanukwaal
Descend Plural Form -> Nechan They Go Do
Difficulty He Has Difficulty Doing It He
Disappear He Disappears He Goes Out Of S
Cylinder -> Aamilmil Or Milmil
Disappointed Angry Irritated Disappointe
Discuss They Talk They Discuss Things ->
Dance -> LeeMaah
Dance Eagle to spin -> TekaWhirp
Dancer Male Female -> KutchMaach SinyaMa
Dark -> Hoon
Darken -> TehHoon
Daughter -> PeahChea
Defete -> KuWamm
Deer Grass -> HeWhatt
Deer -> EeKwak
Daughter''S Child -> Ehkaly My Daughters
Daughter'S Children -> Txkáwa Or Xtkáwa
Daughter -> Hekwany Siny
Deaeased Person -> KeMeSpach
Yes -> ha
-> uttAMuel
-> he giant snake
Foam -> HeMull
Fly Plural Form -> WeMaan They Fly
Day After Tomorrow -> Iyukm
Day Before Yesterday -> Tenaay Iyukm
Foamy -> Hemolth Or Hemulth Foamy Soapy
Fog Mist -> HaaMay
Fold -> UunYuk He Folds It He Twists It
Folding Chair -> AaNak UunYuk
Follow Plural Form -> Aakewich
Drink Plural Form -> WeuSich
Enough -> Nook Ehan Thats Enough
Death Bird -> Mieskur Death Owl
Dislike -> Aanlitch
Deceased People -> Kweshewatt Dead Peopl
Demon Devil -> CheeClth
Devil -> CheeClth
Daylight -> KwellEYuuP
Rivers Edge -> HaYir
Daughter in Law -> UunYeah
Dented -> WeNumm
I lost my gourd rattle -> HalMa PinSim I
Delicious -> Temiixan
Dig -> UuhWAll
Disk Plow -> Aachuk He Disks The Ground
Defecate -> Iichitt He Has A Bowel Movem
Deflated -> Wepatt It Is Deflated And Fl
Peon Middle Shot -> Media Grande
Dentures -> Yaaw Tekxaap He Wears Or Put
Do -> We or EWe
Dentist -> Eyaaw Kwechchaaw
Dentures -> Yaaw Tekxaap He Wears Or Put
Descend -> Wechan He Goes Down
Descend (Plural Form) -> Nechan They Go
Desert -> Matsay
You -> maa
House -> Ewaa 9 Common name for house
Sweathouse 9 -> Ewaa TaWip or ewaa wep
Destroy -> Uunaam It Destroys Something
Destroyed -> Sherwatt It Is Destroyed Wi
Diabetes -> Aasúkerr Xenu He Has Diabete
Diamondback Rattlesnake -> Ewii Kunyilly
Diaper -> Paanyaarr
Diarrhea -> Chexaarr
Diabetes -> Aaskerr Xenu He Has Diabetes
Dirt -> Emutt
Die (Plural Form) -> ShaawAtt
Different -> Nyemich Or Nyemich
Different -> Purp Different Strange Pecu
Different (Plural Form) -> Nyemiich Or N
Moving About -> TaPaa He Is Or Was Doing
Dirty He Or It Is Dirty From Contact Wit
Dim -> Hemuly
Musical Sound -> AaKilth it makes a musi
Difficult Hard Sturdy -> Ewir
Dissolve -> WechAh
Dig Out To Dig It Out Dig It Up Pull Out
Digging Tool Something To Dig With Shove
Dish Bowl -> SaaKwin
Dismount Get Down -> WeChaun
Disobedient -> KutchPay
Dip -> Tuulluum To Dip
Dipper -> Xa Sanay Dipper Used To Get Wa
Doctor Witch -> SeeEye
Above -> Ami Up Sky HIgh
Divide -> TukWah
Disease -> Henuch Disease Infection
Digits Finger -> Sallysally Or Shallysha
Good -> Ehaun or QuaHaun
Deaf -> HaMal ChuuPit
Eavesdrop -> ShepEShaa To Eavesdrop
Disengage -> Mewarr
Moving About Plural Form -> PiiNam they
Musician -> Kwechshkiilth
Dislike (Plural Form) -> Nechuulliich Or
Mustard -> MuuStaas
Neck -> Epuuk
-> earch5
Dog -> Hutt Also root word for long neck
Dont do it -> KeaMoww
Distance -> Kwakur Or Matt Kwakur
Ditch -> Laasaan
How are you all -> MemU all
Dive (Plural Form) -> Xally Uunuup
How have you been -> MemUTimPa
Divorced -> Mat Wecham To Divorce Separa
I am fine All Versions -> Eahun Whatever
Greetings Plural -> MemimUTimmin whateve
Hello There You All -> Howka MinUWay
Ear Wax -> Hemall WeuShay
Do A Lot -> Apesiiw
Do Audibly -> Takwaa He Does It Audibly
Down -> EyaaKm or Yaakm Down Downward T
Drag -> TeHiirp To Drag Like A Bull Bei
Ear ache -> Hemall WeRrap
Embarrassed -> MereYuuy He Is Embarrasse
Embarrassed Plural Form -> CherrMereYuuy
Enter -> WeHap He Comes In Goes In
Do Thus -> Paawii
Entwined -> Muut AaKwin
Enemy -> EhWhaa Enemy or Stranger
Energetically -> SePir Or Sepiir He Does
English Language -> MelThchish Aaa
Eye -> EeYeew Eyes Face
Eye Gunkdischarge -> EeaYeew Sipill Stic
Eyebrows -> EeYeew ShuuYaa
Do Or Be While Together -> Aaniw They Do
Eyeglasses -> EeYeew KeKook
Dogwood -> Hxatt Ily
Dive Jump in -> WeaNup
Do Again -> NinYew
For use with new word3 -> ignore
Walk -> Aamp 9 or take a step
Doll -> Lyewaay
Dollar -> Aarruu Or Arruu Money Dollar
Dome House -> Aakeyuuch Or Aakyuuch Dome
Doctor Heal -> NeWaPaa
Done -> PelthyMa
Donught -> KemYulk-TepChuurp
Downhill -> MeeYeaa
Accompany (Plural Form) -> Nany
Die Down Calm -> Wesip
Done Finished Over -> NaSoom
Donkey -> Vuurr
Excessive Too Much -> ObSiew
Excellent -> MeshEeYiap
Dormitory -> Waa Kwaqull Dormitory
Pull Drag -> AaLuul
Drum -> TamBoor
Dough -> Semuully She Makes Dough She Mi
Door -> EwaaAah house mouth
Dont Bother -> MeHaupMaow
Doorknob -> AwaaAhChaPitt
Double -> HaWaak
Drawer -> Kaax
Level -> Aperchawee or PerraWee To Fit T
Drop -> TuuShook
Downtrodden -> Metepuulp He Is Downtrodd
Drain -> AaMirr
Drag Oneself -> Aahiillp
Dragonfly -> Mashhaatiit Or Mechhaatiitt
Drape -> WeaChach
Dust -> MuttKapulth
Dust Motion -> CheMulth
Even -> Aperchawee or PerraWee To Fit To
Drip -> WaaSaat
Dream Sleep -> ShaMaup
Dress Clothes -> TahHelth
Drizzle like before rain -> AaWaas
Drip Sprinkle Spray -> TaaSslth
Draw Write Paint -> AaMulth
Draw as in pull -> AaYuum
Drown -> Ha WeaNar
Dry Your Body -> Maat TeSay
Eagle Dance -> TakaWhirp or TataWhella
Engrave -> Ashuukatt Or AchuuKutt He Cut
Ear -> HaMal
Earth Down Below Mountains -> Mutt or Em
Drop (Plural Form) -> Cheshuk
Dull -> TaePin
Drool -> HeaMalth
Drunk (Plural Form) -> Stemuurray
Drunkard -> Kwechsiich
Dry -> Say or TeaSay
Double Tree -> Kavaay-TeaHaWaak
Dusty -> PulthPulth
Dwarf -> LeeNan
Dye -> AaWill
Dynamite -> AaTim
Each Single One -> Siin
Drag Pull -> AaLuul
Dumb cant Speak -> aahChuuPit
Addicted -> AnYeheWar Like Too Much
Dust Blows Around -> Miiputt Dust Blows
Down -> Mutt or Emutt
Below -> Mutt or Emutt
Mountain -> Mutt or Emutt
World -> Mutt or Emutt
Earth Eyes -> MuttEeyiew
Enter Plural Form -> NekeHaup
Equally -> PerrAwii
Early -> Maaykally
How are you sitting down -> MemUTimWa
Earring -> Shemally Tekxap
How are you standing up -> MemUTimYuk
East -> Nyachepak
Earing -> HaMalk
Earthquake -> Mat Winnp
East Wind -> Enyekwik Santa Ana Wind Eas
Easterner -> Wanyaak Or Metiipay Wanyaak
Eat -> Wesaaw He Eats
Eclipse Sun -> InYaa Wasow
Myself -> InYaage
Nail -> KeLaaw or Klaaw
Nail -> Kelsuie
How Are you laying down -> MemEUTimYo
Embers -> PelSaat Ashes Embers
Naked -> Emtann
Names -> MishKwish
Eclipse Moon -> Hatlhaa Wasow
Bridge -> WeenT from Spanish
Necklace -> HeNaak she wears a necklace
Eject -> Aachepach
Needed -> PeAam it is needed wanted miss
Empty Headed -> Whalth Metpay
Elder -> Kuhmii Elder Respected Older Pe
Needle -> Aavuux Spanish
Evening -> Haw Evening
Eldest -> Kwehmii
Eldest -> Xmii Kwaxan
Elope -> Aayar
Elder -> Metiiwill He Is The Elder Of Th
Electricity -> Shuuluk
Eleven -> Shaahuuk Emaayk Esin
Eleven O'Clock -> Lasoons Or Laasoons It
Elders Plural Form -> KwaThemii Elders A
Elbow -> Hetun is a elbow joint Esally H
Empty Handed -> Esalth Metpay
Empty -> NeSoom Ended Finished Empty Al
Entirely -> Uy
Fall -> Wenall
Epilepsy -> Echur Weyuuw To Have Fits Ep
Eucalyptus -> E KwaKuushh
Evening Star -> Walwal MuuHaap
Every -> KepeChuurr
Exchange Trade -> AchhuuKaayk To Trade T
Trade Exchange -> AchhuuKaayk To Trade T
Dress Verb -> TuuHee
Exact -> Perriiwii It Is Exact It Is Exa
Drive Car Chase Fast Motion -> WeaNear
Excrement -> Leichitt
Explosives -> Attim Explosives Dynamite
Explode -> Pellyettap
Evening Late -> Tenay
Face -> EeYeew Eyes Face
Eyeliner -> EeYeew ChaaLluuy Eyeliner Ma
Face To Face -> EeYeew Mutt EeYeew They
Faint -> Eyah Waalth ApSeew To I Feel Fa
Woman -> Sin or Sinya girl woman
Word Mouth -> Aa mouth word also languag
Fake -> Tiiwárpi
Facial Hair -> Alemii or KwalMiip Mousta
Faint as in dimm -> HeMuu It Is Faint Fa
Dim -> HeMuu It Is Faint Faded Hardly Vi
Frisky -> LiiAayp light quick
Fall (Plural Form) -> Wenaally
Fall Down -> Wennam
Fall In -> Nyillynall
Fall Off -> Aashuk
Family -> Shamuul
Fall Off -> Aashuux They Fall Off They F
Fall Over -> Aashuh
Family Of Deceased Person -> Kumtiipuul
Fan -> Aawall To Fan Paddle Wave
Fan -> Vaant
Far -> Ekur
Farmer -> Neyiw Kechwaaw Farmer One Who
Fart -> Psit He Farts He Flatulates
Fast -> Ewillp
Fast -> Wenaw Waar
Faster -> Aarraw
Fat -> Weshay
Fault -> Iillyuwk
Fat -> Weshay Fat Lard Grease Fat Person
Father In Law -> Uunyii
Father''S Father -> Enepaaw My Fathers F
Father''S Mother -> Enemaaw My Fathers M
Father''S Older Brother -> Enewii My Fat
Father''S Sister -> Enemuuy My Fathers S
Father''S Younger Brother -> Echikuu My
Father'S Older Brother'S Wife -> Enepii
Father -> Etaat Or Nyaataat My Father
Feather -> Wirewir Wing Feather
Father (Term For Addressing A Priest) ->
Feces -> Iichitt Feces Shit
Feed -> Semay
Feed -> Uusuw
Feel -> Weip He Feels It Senses It Taste
Feel Good -> Techaahaay
Feel Good -> Yayehan He Is Happy Content
Feel Like -> Llyewii
Feign -> Tiiwárpi He Feigns It
Fence -> Shuuxwirr
Fence -> Sirrkaarr
Exact -> Perriiwii It Is Exact It Is Exa
Female Relative Of An Older Generation -
Fence Post -> Póosto
Fern -> Cheipeshaaw
Fever -> Kweruw
Few -> Stik
Few Times -> Stik Weyuw Or Tik Weyuw
Fiesta -> Fyéeest
Fifteen -> Shaahuuk Sin Emaayk Saarrap
Fifty -> Shaahuuk Saarrap
Fifty Cents -> Kwaterreyaalriyaal
Fight -> Wenyuup
Fight (Reflexive Form) -> Mat Etuu To Fi
File -> Chehir
Fill -> Temur
Fill Half Full -> Saakap
Filler For Baskets -> Kwayull
Finally -> Nyáama Finally Just Only
Find -> Chehepil
Fine -> Aahan Im Fine
Fine (Plural Form) -> Ehaan They Are Fin
Finely Ground -> Mewarr
Finger -> Sallysally Or Shallyshally Fin
Fingernail -> Sallykeshuw
Fingers -> Esally Shallyshally
Finish -> Newatt
Fire -> Aaw
Finish (Plural Form) -> Netewaatt
Firefighter -> Aaaw Ketaasiip
Firm -> Ewir It Is Hard Firm
First -> Haypuk
First (Plural Form) -> Yupuw
Fish -> Hashuupil
Fish -> Hiiwaa
Fisherman -> Chi Kwechnyaay
Fishing Gear -> Peskaad Anyaay
Fistfight -> Maat Swak
Fit -> Aperchawii To Fit To Make Even
Fit -> Perewii To Fit
Fit Together (Plural Form) -> Wexaap The
Five -> Saarrap Five
Five O''Clock -> Oorr Saarrap
Five Times -> Saarrápa Weyaw
Fix -> Wechuw To Fix To Make
Fixer -> Kwechchaaw
Flaky -> Taketak It Is Dry Flaky
Flash -> Epyuup Epyuup It Flashes On And
Flash Flood -> Haa Waap Hemiiy
Flashlight -> Taauully
Flat -> Llapllap
Flat -> Pellyetap
Flat Rock -> Xenally
Flatten -> Tetepllap
Flea -> Willp Or Ewillp
Flatulate -> Psit He Flatulates He Farts
Flee -> Sekan Or Shekan He Flees Runs Aw
Flee (Plural Form) -> Skaan They Flee Ru
Flexible -> Mewas It Is Soft Tender Flex
Flicker -> Lluuyp
Flicker (Type Of Bird) -> Kekhuu
Flint -> Pawii Or Paawii
Flip Over -> Aak
Flip Over -> Tekewan
Flirt -> Kemiiluy
Flirting -> Kemiiluy
Float -> Ehaa Maayk Eyak It Floats
Flood -> Hawaap
Floor -> Emat Or Ematt Or Mat Floor Grou
Flour -> Aarrin
Flow -> Tuusaap To Flow To Overflow
Flower -> Wetapsh
Fly -> Taamána
Fly -> Weuman
Extinguish -> Etaasip
Extract -> AachPaach
Rabbit 9 -> hallyow 9 Good to eat
Younger -> Haakwalth
Exterior -> Ami Top Surface Exterior Hig
Food -> Esuw
Encounter -> KepeKuw To Meet
Ephedra a plant -> Hepiip
Follow -> Akewii He Follows Him Chases H
Late Evening -> Tenay
Follow (Reciprocal Form) Each Other -> M
Follow Tracks -> Emii Wesii
Fool -> Kinyemii
Foot -> Emily Foot Hoof
Footprints -> Emii Or Mii Foot Leg Footp
For That Reason -> Kenaa Or Kenaach For
Fox -> Parhaaw
Forbid -> Newill He Forbids It He Refuse
Forehead -> Xwally
Forget -> Maaykiiwayk
Forget (Plural Form) -> Yay Chuupiitt
Forgetful -> Maykiiwayk
Fork -> Teniidoor Teniidoorr
Form Circle -> Tepchuurp They Form A Cir
Forty -> Shaahuuk Chepap
Forward -> Yayklly
Four -> Chepap Four
Four -> Chepaplly
Four O''Clock -> Laskwaarrt Or Laskwáate
Frog -> Hantak
Four Times -> Chaapápa Weyaw Or Chapápa
Fourteen -> Shaahuuk Sin Emaayk Chepap
Fragrant -> Xllyuuy Or Xlluuy It Has A S
Freeze -> Shemetii
Freezer -> Kethaachúra Refrigerator Free
French Person -> Frranséees
Friday -> Vviyéeerrn
Fresh -> Ehay Or Hay It Is Fresh It Hasn
Friend -> Anyewaay
Frightened -> Meheyaay Afraid
Front -> Eyaak
Fringe -> Salliisall To Have Fringes To
Frisky -> Layp Light Quick To Be Frisky
From -> Denoting The Sourcesee Grammar N
Frost -> Shemetii
Frown -> Eyiiw Chokchok
Frozen -> Shemetii Ice Frozen
Fruit -> Chewuuw
Fruit -> Chewuw Or Chewuuw Fruit Or Vege
Fry -> Weshill She Fries It She Cooks Ov
Fry Bread -> Meyally Shaylly Aallkum
Full -> Ehup I Am Full
Full -> Temur
Fun -> Xanuly He Is Funny He Makes Fun O
Funeral -> Aamar They Have A Funeral The
Funeral Mass -> Aapitt
Fungus -> Hatepan Fungus That Grows On C
Funny -> Kiinyul
Fur -> Lemis Fur Feathers
Furrow -> Uuhur To Make A Furrow To Line
Fuzzy -> Tellekwak
Game Of Shinny -> Peyaak
Gamble -> Suunaar To Gamble Play Cards
Gamble (Plural Form) -> Suunarch They Ga
Gambling House -> Wa Sunarr
Gargle -> Cheholehol
Gasoline -> Sèeliin
Gate -> Ewattaak Gate Door
Gather -> Aateyumk They
Gather -> Aayumk To Gather Hay Laundry E
Gather -> Kwii Aamar
Gather Acorns -> Umull Or Wemull He Gath
Gears -> Yaaw
Gathering -> Matayuum
General -> Kuuchutt Congressman Governor
Gentlye -> Lyepaay He Does It Gently Sof
German -> Alimaan
Gesture -> Uuyull
Get -> Hetuu To Get Pick Up Take
Get In -> Wekull
Get Away! Scram! -> Kelu! Or Keluw!
Get Away From -> Kelu! Or Keluw! Get Awa
Get Away With It -> Chepam To Get Away W
Get In (Plural Form) -> Nekull
Get Dressed -> Tehiillyp Or Tehiilily
Get Dressed (Plural Form) -> Tuuxil They
Get Here -> Paa He Arrives Here He Gets
Get Lost -> Mat Pehum Or Matephum
Get Married -> Weyum
Get Off -> Aachanp Getting Off
Get Old -> Kwenyiikuy She Is Getting Old
Get Old -> Kweriiak Or Kweriiak
Get On -> Wekull
Get On (Plural Form) -> Nekull
Get Out -> Chepam He Gets Out He Gets Aw
Get Out Of -> Wechan He Gets Off He Gets
Get There -> Pam He Arrives There He Get
Get There (Plural Form) -> Nekemich They
Get To The Top -> Pur
Get Through (Plural Form) -> Enetewaatt
Get Together -> Aayump
Get Together -> Mat Uuwiw
Get Up -> Wemann
Get Up (Plural Form) -> Pemann
Get Well -> Aahan
Get Worse -> Ellynyach Wii
Ghost -> Chiillich Ghost Spook
Giggle -> Mushmush He Smiles He Giggles
Girl -> Siny Girl Young Woman
Girl -> Siny Ilymaam
Girls (Plural Form) -> Xaachaany
Give -> Winy
Glance -> Láaawa
Give (Plural Form) -> Uuwiich
Give Advice -> Achuutuu
Give Away -> Mat Kuyaawp He Givesto Give
Give Birth -> Hekwanyp
Give Order -> Uuchutt
Give Up -> Maat Winy
Give Up -> Sekwii Wecham
Give Up Something -> Sekwii Wecham
Glass -> Vaas
Glass -> Viil Or Viid
Glove -> Waant
Glue -> Chepaallyaat
Glue -> Chepellat To Glue Together
Gnats -> Sapuul Kwalymash
Gnaw -> Chuuhor
Go (Plural Form) -> Naa
Go Across -> Hekay To Cross
Go Across (Plural Form) -> Nehkay
Go After -> Aakekwii He Goes After Him F
Go Ahead! -> Kúma!
Go Along -> Aayaw
Go Around -> Apekwiirp To Go Around To T
Go Around -> Haakap To Go Around
Go Around (Plural Form) -> Achpekwiilp S
Go Away -> Waam
Go Down -> Wechan
Go Away (Plural Form) -> Naam They Go Aw
Go Down -> Wehap
Go Down (Plural Form) -> Nechan They Com
Go In -> Wehap He Comes In Goes In Enter
Go In (Plural Form) -> Nekehap
Go Last! -> Nyeway Kaa!
Go Out -> He Gets Away He Escapes
Go Out -> Wesip
Go Out (Plural Form) -> Netepach Or Neke
Go Through -> Weshully
Go Up -> Kepewaay To Go Up Walk Up Climb
Go That Way -> Kuuyum He Goes That Way H
Go Through (Plural Form) -> Nexkay Or Ne
Go Up And Down -> Kullall Kullaall To Go
Go Wrong -> Melaayk
Motion -> AaAa
Mushroom -> MuttePan
Going Along -> Tewaa
Gold Piece -> Kaakwas
Golf -> Peyaak Shinny Game Nowadays Refe
Gone -> Newatt
Gone -> Nesoom It Is All Gone Empty Ende
-> iant snale 2
Good (Plural Form) -> Xaan
Good At -> Mesheyay
Good Hearted -> Yaykwaxan
Good One -> Kwahan
Good Spirits -> Yayxan
Good Tasting -> Machemácha Taste It Tast
Goodbye -> Nyaaamh I Am Going To Leave
Goose -> Peqool
Goose -> Shnya He Gooses Someone He Prod
Gopher -> Tehkii
Gopher Snake -> Ewiiyak
Gourd -> Hamechaa Gourd Used For Soap
Gourd Rattle -> Halymaa
Governor -> Kuuchutt Governor Congressma
Gown -> Sheyul
Grab -> Weyuuw Or Weyuw He Grabs It Gets
Grade -> Uukull
Granary -> Hallepuu Large Permanent Wove
Grandchild -> Ehkaaw Or Nyehkaaw My Gra
Grapefruit -> Naarraangk Kwaxkwak
Grandchildren (Plural Form) -> Ishkaaly
Grandfather -> Enepaaw My Fathers Fathe
Grandmother -> Enemaaw My Fathers Mother
Grapes -> Uuvs
Graph Paper -> Kwenyul Or Kwenyur Graph
Grass -> Esemay
Grasshopper -> Tuumuw
Grassy -> Siimay
Grave -> Amaar
Graveyard -> Simenteéerr Graveyard Cemet
Gravy -> Nyehay Wenih
Gray -> Hemull
Grease Ant -> Mesilwii
Gray Hair -> Hellytaa Keyaayp Grey Hair
Grease -> Weshay Fat Lard Grease
Greasewood -> Epsii
Great Aunt -> Nemuush Aunt Great
Greasy -> Weshay It Is Greasy Fatty Full
Great -> Mesheyayp It Is Great Excellent
Great Grandfather -> Nepaaw
Great Grandmother -> Nemaaw
Great Uncle -> Nemuus Great
Greedy -> Yaahatt
Green -> Hepeshiiw Or Hepeshiw Green Blu
Greens -> Esemay Hepeshiiw
Grid -> Kwenyul Or Kwenyur Grid Graph Pa
Grin -> Cheheyar
Grind -> Taawaa To Grind Acorns
Grinder -> Tawaach
Grinding Rock -> Ehmuu Portable Rock Mor
Grinding Stone -> Xepiicha Mano Oval
Grit -> Emat Hullhull Grit Coarse Dirt
Groan -> Achmeyaay
Ground -> Emat
Ground Mushroom -> Matepan
Ground Owl -> Uukwis Burrowing Owl Groun
Group -> Marway
Grow -> Hemii He Or It Grows He Grows Up
Grow -> Hetmii
Grown Man -> Iikuch Kwehmii
Growth -> Neurr
Grown People -> Metewiill Grown People G
Grown Person -> Kwehmii Grown Person Gro
Grown Up -> Xiimii He Acts Like A Grown
Grunion -> Hashuupill
Guatay (Place Name) -> Wataay
Guess So So -> Iicháchpu I Guess So I Th
Guitar -> Giitaarr
Gum -> Neshaaw
Gum -> Neshaaw Bubble Gum
Gun -> Atim Or Attim Gun Bow Shooterthat
Guts -> Pehaa Guts Intestines
Hail -> Hatuusir
Hailstone -> Xuusiir Hail Hailstone
Hair -> Alemii
Hair -> Hellytaa
Hairbrush -> Péeen Hairbrush Comb
Haircut -> Hellytaa Aakatt Haircut
Half -> Haakaay
Half -> Sekap
Half Brother -> Mii Xewak Xakaay Or Mii
Half Circle -> Aapkwiirp He Turns In A H
Half Full -> Saakap He Fills It Half
Half Full -> Sekap It Is Half
Happy -> Hechalyp
Half Moon -> Xellya Skap
Half Past -> Xakaay
Half Sister -> Mii Xewak Xakaay Or Mii X
Hammer -> Chattuuch
Hammer -> Wettu He Pounds He Hammers He
Hand Of A Clock -> Shuutik Sally
Hand Tool -> Epal Hand Tool Shovel Rake
Hand Over -> Winy He Gives It To Someone
Handcuff -> Tuuhwill To Button To Handcu
Hands Of A Clock -> Shuutik Sally
Handle -> Sawin That Which One Holds A H
Handsome -> Kweshash
Hang -> Tuumill To Hang It
Hang Down -> Sulyesuly Hanging Loose
Hang On -> Tehepallp Hanging On Holding
Hanging -> Aamill Or Aamillp
Hanging (Plural Form) -> Staak Or Steaak
Hanging On -> Tehepallp
Hangover -> Asiich Xenu He Has A Hangove
Happen -> Wepay Tuuyuuw
Happy (Plural Form) -> Yayehaan
Hard -> Spir
Hard -> Ewir It Is Hard Firm
Hard -> Sepir Or Sepiir He Does It Hard
Hard Of Hearing -> Hemall Chuupitt Hard
Hard To Do -> Ewir Difficult Hard
Hare -> Kunyaaw Jackrabbit Hare
Harm -> Mespich Or Nespich
Harm Oneself -> Yay Mat Uuwiw They Harm
Harness -> Aasuull
Harness -> Wesuull
Harrow -> Aamall
Hat -> Apeyar
Hatch -> Chepak
Hate -> Wehwich
Hate (Plural Form) -> Uuhwiich
Have -> Nyuwich Or Nyewich To Have To Ow
Have (Plural Form) -> Nyechuuwiich
Have Baby -> Hekwanyp
Have Facial Hair -> Almiip
Have Meeting -> Mat Aayump
Have Pet -> Nyehatt He Has A Pet He Keep
Have Pet (Plural Form) -> Nyexaatt
Hay -> Semay Or Semay Grass Hay
Edge -> Year Sharp Edge Of A Blade
He -> Meaning This One Or That One May B
Head -> Hwall
Head Louse -> Emilly
Head Of Community -> Kwaypaay Top
Head Start -> Hully Wii
Head That Way -> Kuuyum
Head That Way (Plural Form) -> Neyum
Headache -> Hwall Werap
Headache -> Llymuu Kerrap Headache
Headband -> Hwall Aanak
Headlights -> Arrmuuviil Yiiw Headlights
Heal -> Uuman To Heal Cure
Heal -> Weman
Healer -> Kusiyaay
Hear -> Yip To Hear Listen Pay Attention
Hear (Plural Form) -> Yuuip Or Yuip
Hearing Aid -> Shemally Tekaaxaap
Heart -> Yachish
Heart Attack -> Eyay Uukull
Heartache -> Yaachish Werap
Heart Is Not In It -> Eyay Hwam His Hear
Heartburn -> Yay Tuushik
Heat -> Kwallyap
Heat -> Taapin
Heavy -> Wenah
Back -> Hetaat Persons Back also Spine
Coyote -> HutTApaa 9 Also means shady ch
Help -> Nyematt
Help (Plural Form) -> Nyuumatt
Helpers -> Kwechmaatt
Hemisphereical -> Lehup It Is Bowl
Hen -> Ehmaa Kurkur
Hens And Chickens (Type Of Plant) -> Xal
Her -> Object) Is Expressed On The Verb
Herd -> Newil He Herds Cattle He Drives
Here -> Panyewayp
Here -> Pawaa
Here -> Peyii
Hiccup -> Chenyak
Hickory -> Shemnyaay
Hide -> Aayullp
Hide -> Ekwall
Hide -> Tuuyull
High -> Emaay
High -> Tuurii High Tipsy
High Place -> Kwamaay High
Hill -> Mat Kunkun
Hilly -> Kepiiway
Him -> That One May Be Added To The Sent
Hinge -> Miisaayrr
His -> The Sentence
Hit -> Aarrap He Hits Strikes Or Whips S
Hit (Plural Form) -> Chuurrap Or Achuurr
Hit (Reciprocal Form) -> Maat Aarap
Hit A Sore -> Wenill
Hold Down -> Penyaawin
Hit And Knock Down -> Chetoo Aarapm
Hit The Target -> Shetuu
Hit With Fist -> Chetuu
Hives -> Maat Aaxurr He Has The Hives
Hold Hands -> Esally Shawin
Hockey -> Uutash Hockey Game Shinny Game
Hoe -> Tuuhwaar To Hoe To Scrape
Hold -> Weyuuw Or Weyuw To Hold Catch Gr
Hold On Tight -> Aapennii
Hold One''S Breath -> Yas Shawin
Hold Wheat In Air -> Apuukatt
Hole -> Llehup
Holding On -> Tehepallp Holding On Hangi
Hole -> Wekup
Holes -> Salesal Screen Strainer Cloth W
Holler -> Ewaaw He Hollers Yells Shouts
Holy -> Iikuuy
Hominy -> Posool
Testicles -> urs (means eggs)
Honeysuckle -> Millykaa
Honk -> Taapiich
Honor The Deceased -> Waapiilly
Hoof -> Emily Leg Foot Hoof
Hook -> Aahelak
Hoot -> Shiikwaall
Hope -> Iichaa
Horizontal -> Yak He Is Doing Something
Horned Owl -> Uuu
Hornet -> Metepaaw Or Metpaaw Wasp Horne
Hospital -> Hohpitaal
Horny Toad -> Mesxuuyan
Horse -> Nyehatt His Horse
Horse Collar -> Kweyaarr Or Kuyaarr
Horse Race -> Kaavaay Chanaaw
Horsehair Rope -> Kaavrriist
Horseshoe -> Werraaduurr
Horseshoe Turn -> Telewink
Hot -> Weraaw
Hot Spring -> Haa Weraaw
Hour -> Uur Or Oorr
How -> Muuyuu
Howl -> Euwah
Hug -> Aaskop
Hummingbird -> Hampaashuuk
Humpback -> Hetat Kuuluy
Hula Dance -> Aahmuuyk To Do The Hula Da
Hunchback -> Ketruuyp
Hundred -> Shaahuuk Shaahuuk One Hundred
Hungry -> Nyiiwar
Hungry (Plural Form) -> Nyechiiwar
Hunt -> Wenyay
Hunt (Plural Form) -> Wenyaaych
Hunter -> Kwechnyaay
Hurry -> Iihally
Hurt -> Nehmir
Hurt -> Werap To Hurt
Hurt (Plural Form) -> Werraap Or Erraap
-> how directory
Hurt Oneself -> Metnehmir Or Mathemir
Husband -> Echuuy My Husband
Husk -> Sehwall Or Shehwall Or Shehwall
Husk -> Uuchul He Husks Corn He Removes
Hypnotize -> Eyiiw Hemetik
Ice -> Shemetii Frozen Ice Frost
Name -> Shich Eushich or Shich
Name -> ShiiMulth people with the same l
Nape Of Neck -> Epuk
Napkin -> ChashUuk
Narrow -> LeKaw
Moving About (Plural Form) -> tenam
Much -> aapsiiw
Much -> kwallyaw or kwallyaw
Mud -> mat hapaa
Mud Dauber -> matpekwill
Music -> ChaYaaw
Neglect -> AchePay Maaw or he neglects h
Need -> llywarr he needs to do something
Nephew -> EWan My brothers son
Narrow -> LeKaw
Face Paint -> Mutt Ehwaay Or Muttehwaay
Face Something That Way -> KaaYumm
Nervous -> eeyay hwattehwatt wiich I am
News -> kanap
Nettles -> milkaasis or malkaasis
Never -> may maaw not never
New -> ehay or hay it is new it is fresh
Next -> nyaamakm
Next -> nyamaayk kweyiw the one that com
Nice -> kwahan
Nice -> yayxan he is happy he is in good
Nickel -> siingk sintaaw
Night -> Hoon
Nine -> nyemhemuuk nine
Nine O'Clock -> lasnwéevas
No More -> nesoom
No (Negative Answer To Question) -> maaw
No Good -> wellich its bad its no good
No Longer Bitter -> xpshuk
No Taste -> mesah it has no taste it is
Nohow -> tiimaaw
Nobody -> clausey See also NONE
Nod Head -> llymuu tenan tenan
Noise -> hiimall
Noise -> shemall
None -> uy wii
Nopales (Cactus Greens) -> xpa xmal
North -> ketuull
Northerners -> kwatully
Nose Ring -> xu sakwiin
Not -> umaaw
Not (Plural Form) -> uumaw or uumáwa
Not Any More -> nesuum
Not Baptized -> xentil
Not Yet -> hemir
Not Feeling Good -> eyay melekwil not fe
Not Guessed -> chepam to escape not gues
Not Know -> keyúnemi to not know for sur
Not Know (Plural Form) -> melaay
Nothing -> umaaw nothing
Not Recognize -> shuuhiy to not know a p
Not Share -> lleish he does not share he
Not Sweet -> xpshuk it is not sweet it i
Not Tell The Truth -> chiimall hes not t
Nothing -> uuchuch anything
Notify -> aakenaa or aakwenaa he notifie
Now -> epily right now today
Nudge -> hekitt
Numb -> kwaas
Nuns -> kunyilly lakiilaak
Nurse -> nyemay uupis
Nurse -> wepis
Oak -> esnyaaw or snyaaw coast live oak
Oak -> ii ewiir
Oak -> kuphaall black oak and acorns
Oak -> nesaaw white oak
Oak -> samtaay Sherman oak white oak wit
Oak -> snyaaw ketun
Oak Gall -> hamemul oak galls
Oatmeal -> shawii mush of any kind inclu
Oats -> lyepaay
Obscure -> aapitt
Ocean -> haasilly
Off White -> halyhaly greyish off-white
Office -> kwesiyaay nyewaa doctors offic
Official -> kuuchutt official coime top
Offspring -> hekwany
Oily -> weshay
Oil -> aaséeeyt motor oil or oil that oc
Okay -> xan it is okay it is fine
Old -> iinyuuy
Old -> kwenyiikuy
Old -> kweriiak or kweriiak he
Old -> metaa-am nyewich he is years old
Old (Plural Form) -> kwecherriiaak they
Old Man -> kurak
Old Timers -> heyaay kwathemii
Old Men (Plural Form) -> kwecherak
Old Woman -> kwenykuuy
Old Women (Plural Form) -> kunychekuuy
Older -> metiiwill
Older Brother -> echamaly my older broth
Older Person -> kwehmii
Older Sister -> chechany
Older Sisters (Plural Form) -> ntaachaan
Oliveberry -> kepall or kepall
Olla -> aaskay pot olla
On -> emaayk
On Hat -> aanar to put something down
On Time -> oorr perriiwii he is on time
Once -> aasína or asína
One -> ehink
One After Another -> aahiirp
One At A Time -> shiin they do it one at
One Hundred -> shaahuuk shaahuuk
One O''Clock -> tuuur oorr shin pekwill
Oneself -> emaally he does it himself
Only -> nyáama or nyaáama only just fina
Only One -> shin
Open -> uuttak
Open -> wetapsh
Open -> wettak
Open (Plural Form) -> wettaak
Open Eyes -> shechap he wakes up he is a
Open Space -> emtaar cleared space out i
Opener -> wattaak
Orange -> naraa
Operate On -> aattap they operate on
Or Else -> nyamaawm or else otherwise
Orange Drink -> naarraangk kemyul
Orange Juice -> naarraangk nyexay
Other One -> kwasína
Order -> uuchutt he orders someone to do
Oriole -> hachehwach or hachaahwach
Orion (Constellation) -> Ehmuu Bighorn S
Orphan -> kwellich or kullich
Others -> marway
Otherwise -> nyamaawm or else otherwise
Our -> nyawaap
Out Of Breath -> yas-h pewar he is out o
Out Of Joint -> wekok
Out Of Normal Position -> seperuk
Out Of One'S Mind -> yay wemaaw he is ou
Outdo -> kuuwam
Outhouse -> chapaach
Outside -> metaar
Over -> nesoom ended finished empty all
Over There -> puy
Overeat -> hepup
Overcast -> ekwii aamar
Overflow -> tuusaap to overflow to flow
Owl -> meskur
Owl -> meskur johnny owl screech owl
Owl -> shichaak
Owl -> uukwis
Owl -> yu-uu
Own -> nyanaa
Own -> nyehatt
Own -> nyewich to have own
Own (Plural Form) -> nyechuuwiich
Paddle -> aawall
Pail -> vaal or vaald pail bucket
Pain -> kwerap
Paint -> eataanyur
Pass -> aahkay
Paint -> wa chawiil
Painter -> kechwiil or kwachwiil
Pairs -> xewaak
Palomar (Place Name) -> Pal Uumar or Pal
Pant -> yas uullup
Paper -> papéeel
Pan For Gold -> wepuut or puut he sifts
Pants -> txil kewaay kwayum clothes for
Parent Of Son''S Or Daughter''S Spouse -
Park -> taanáka he parks a car he stops
Parrot -> taarrik
Parted -> wekatt it breaks in two it is
Partially Full -> saakap he fills it par
Pass -> pekwilly to pass
Pave -> aawil
Partially Full -> sekap it is half-full
Pass (Plural Form) -> nexkay they go acr
Pass Through -> aaxkay or xkay
Pass Through (Plural Form) -> nexkay or
Pay -> wetoom
Pat -> petah to pats to clap hands
Patch -> tehepalp to patch together
Patch -> texaapiill
Patchwork -> tethapaall patchwork quilt
Path -> uunyaa road path trail
Pattern -> wenyur
Paws -> shally shaw wi it has paws
Pay Attention -> Keyip tekewaa! Payto he
Pea -> kwelsup
Peace -> ketuy he is comfortable satisfi
Peaceful -> uuy wii
Peach -> dudaas
Peanut -> kakaawaat or kaawaat
Peanut Butter -> kakaawaat tuyally or ka
Peculiar -> purp different strange pecul
Peel -> aasul
Peek In -> tuuyuurp ewuuw
Pen -> chehiir a pen
Pencil -> laaps
Penis -> hamaeruk
Pension -> nyarru stuch
Peon Game -> peyoonpiyoon
Peones -> peyoonpiyoon
Peony -> piisill
People -> iipaay
People Eater -> tiipay kwechsaw
Perceive -> weip he perceives it
Perfume -> xa kwexllyuuy
Person -> iipay people
Pestle -> esally pestle for portable roc
Person With Same Last Name As Another Pe
Pet -> ehatt or hatt horse pet animal
Pet -> nyexatt
Phone -> teliifoon
Photograph -> maat umall
Piano -> pieyaan
Pick Nose -> xu shuy
Photograph -> uumall he photographs some
Pick -> weyaaw he picks apples or grapes
Pick (Plural Form) -> uukaany they pick
Pick Off The Ground -> wemull or umull t
Pick Up -> hetuu to pick up get to take
Pick Up Many -> stuch
Picking -> uukatt
Picture -> uumall writing drawing pictur
Picture -> wenyur
Pie -> pastéeel
Piece -> aakatt
Piece -> of as in the examples below
Pieces -> aachkatt
Pierce -> paasul
Pig -> kóochi or kooch
Pieces -> means it is big or it is small
Pigeon -> karwiitay or kwarwitay
Pile -> tekelkul a pile a stack
Pile -> tekelkul or tekelkuul or tekelku
Pile (Plural Form) -> tuuyump
Pill -> piil
Pillow -> shapuuk
Pinch -> hamekwish
Pine -> erpuu pine tree
Pine Cone -> xwiiw neurr cone of piñon p
Plate -> plaat
Pine Needles -> shemnyaay long pine nee
Pine Nut -> ehwiiw piñon nut
Pine Pitch -> epilly pitch such as pine
Pink -> hwatt hayhaay pink
Pinole -> pinool
Pinto -> wenyur it is a pinto it has str
Pipe (For Plumbing) -> trriip
Pipe (For Smoking) -> muukwin
Pistol -> pistool
Pitch -> epilly pitch such as pine pitch
Pitch Dark -> heun yip wii
Pitiful -> metiipulp poor pitiful
Pitotes -> ekwak echitt
Piñon Pine And Nuts -> ehwiiw
Place -> emat or ematt place world dirt
Place Names -> Haleyaaw
Plant -> chewuw or chewuuw tree plant fr
Plant -> churuw
Play -> suunaly to play
Play As A Team -> mat uuniiw
Play As Team -> mat uuniiw
Play Baseball -> vool uuniiw
Play Cards -> suunaar
Play Baseball -> vool uuniiw he plays or
Play Cards -> suunaar he plays cards
Play Cards (Plural Form) -> suunarch
Play Competitively -> suunaarr he plays
Play Competitively (Plural Form) -> suun
Play Fiddle Or Violin -> aahiish he play
Play Gourd -> tuuhach to play the rattle
Play Guitar -> shaakily he strums a guit
Pneumonia -> pelmuunii
Play Harmonica -> aaxiish
Play Peon -> piyoon suunaarr he plays pe
Play Peon (Plural Form) -> chuumaarrp th
Play Piano -> penyaa he plays the piano
Play Rattle -> tuuhach to play the rattl
Play Shinny -> uutash uuniiw
Play Shinny Or Hockey -> uutash uuniiw
Play Slot Machines -> máaken uunyiw
Play Tricks -> kinyemii
Play Wind Instrument -> helul he blows a
Playing Cards -> varraax
Plow -> aak-wank or mat aak-wank
Pluck -> pettuk to pluck take feathers o
Plug In -> shuuluk tekxap he plugs it in
Plugged Up -> tuupitt it is plugged up s
Plugged Up (Plural Form) -> tetpiitt
Pocket -> vools or laavools
Point -> aachhur
Poison -> vinéeen
Poison Ivy -> kupaay poison oak
Poisonous Snake -> ewii wellich
Poke -> chuuchul to poke
Police Officer -> kuuchutt police office
Police Officers (Plural Form) -> kuuchuu
Ponytail -> llyta tuunak
Pool Resources -> tuuyump they chip in c
Poor -> metiipulp poor pitiful
Pop -> kwahxwatt
Pop -> stish burning material pops like
Pop -> uupak
Popcorn -> teyach tuushilly
Poppy -> kamekach
Poplar -> lampuulaamp or halampuulaamp c
Possess -> nyuwich
Possession -> nyewich possession belongi
Post -> ily wood stick post
Postman -> umall kwecheyiish
Pot -> aaskay pot olla
Potato -> paap
Potatoes -> paap
Pot Bellied -> llyepat he is pot-bellied
Pottery Maker -> suukwiny kwechchaaw
Potty -> kuumuun
Pound -> aachok to pound
Pound (Plural Form) -> kuutttuuch they p
Pounding Rock -> ehpii pounding rock on
Pour -> aatuu to pour in add to
Pour Forth -> llyuu wi
Poway (Place Name) -> Kepwaa
Powder -> kemwarr
Puddle -> psul
Powdery Ashes -> mexull or mexull
Praise -> chaahaay
Pray -> Emaay Ehaally waayp he talks to
Preach -> chuukwar
Pregnant -> wetuuyp
Pregnant (Plural Form) -> wetuy
Prepare -> cheshuw
Prepare -> wechuw
Present -> tuuyak
President -> kuchuutt kwaaykuuy
Presidio -> prrisiil or perrsiirr
Press -> penyaa to press with the hand
Pressure Points -> penyaach
Pretend -> tiiw áarpi he feigns it
Pretty -> eshash
Prick -> uushaa
Prickly Pear Cactus -> ehpaa
Priest -> kutyir
Prop Up -> aapay
Probably -> umuyuuh or umuuyuuh maybe pr
Prod -> shnya he prods someones rear end
Properly -> ehan it works properly
Property -> nyemat or nyematt
Propped Up -> aaperreyaay it is propped
Prostitute -> uunyuu
Proud -> shuuyuk or shuryuk
Prune -> achekatt to cut the limbs to cu
Pull -> aallup to pull to lead
Purse -> volsiit
Pull Out -> tehelak
Pull Out (Plural Form) -> uulluup
Pull Teeth -> eyaaw uullup to pull teeth
Pull Up -> aapenii he pulls up
Punch -> chetuu to punch to hit with fis
Purple -> hapeshuu it is blue purple gre
Push -> cheherii
Push Wheelbarrow -> shuutur
Put Around Waist -> wenyiip
Put Aside -> wechaam
Put Diaper On Baby -> tekxap
Put Hands Together In Prayer -> shally s
Put Down Several -> chekwaa he puts down
Put In -> tuuhunn to put something in
Put Liquid Or Granular Substance In -> a
Put Load On Someone'S Back -> chaayísha
Put On Clothes -> tehiillyp or tehiilily
Quake -> win
Put On Clothes (Plural Form) -> tuuxil t
Put On Dentures -> yaaw tekxaap he wears
Put On Diaper -> texap
Put On Eyeglasses -> yiiw tekxap
Put On Gloves -> tekxap
Put On Hat -> tuu-up
Put On Hat (Plural Form) -> nyepuully
Put On Shoes -> kuuchull to put on shoes
Put Out -> aachepach to put someone out
Quiet -> aawin
Put Out Fire -> etaasip to extinguish
Put Several -> chaach
Put Up Fence -> shuuxwirr
Quail -> aahmaa quailquail
Quadruped -> ehatt animal that walks on
Quail -> garrnis or garrnísa type of qua
Quail -> hamemull mountain quail
Quarrel -> aachuuyiwp to argue quarrel
Quarter -> dooreyaalriyaal
Quarter Moon -> hellyaa ehwak
Add -> CheHunn To Put It In To Add
Quarter Moon -> hellyaa waam
Quechan -> Kuchaan Yuma
Question -> akekwii
Quick -> layp light quick to be frisky
Quickly -> aarraw it happens quickly he
Quiet -> hwally wii to keep quiet
Quilt -> tethapaall quilt patchwork wove
Quilt -> txpiill
Quit -> wecham to quit to leave it alone
Quit (Plural Form) -> antuumak
Rabbit -> ephar
Rabbit -> hatepull panemaaw
Where -> My 9 A good word to know
How -> MuuYuu 9 good word to know
Raccoon -> nemas
Race -> ewirp
Beside -> HaayKaay
Race -> kaavaay chanaaw
Race -> shaanáwa
Race (Plural Form) -> chemuunyaap
Race Horse -> kaavaay kwenaaw
Racer Snake -> llykuushírra
Radio -> iipay chayip
Rag -> teraap
Rain -> ekwii rain
Rainbow -> sheruk
Breath or Breathe -> Yaass
Raise -> aakull
Raise -> also UNTIL IT IS GONE and TO CO
Raise (Plural Form) -> uumaan
Raise Children -> texaamii
Raise Heck -> aak illyekaa
Rake -> rraastrrii
Rake -> tuuhwaar he rakes hoes cleans ya
Ramada -> aakeyuuch
Rash -> aaxurr
Rash -> maat aaxurr
Rat -> emallk wood rat
Rattle -> halymaa
Rattle -> tuuhach
Raven -> ehaak
Rattlesnake -> ewii kwaahwatt red diamon
Rattlesnake -> ewii kwahwatt red snake
Raveled -> salliisall to be raveled to h
Ravine -> kwettap
Raw -> ekwally raw
Reach -> pam
Reach In -> shechully
Reach The Top -> pur
Read -> weshiich
Reading -> umall
Ready -> liist
Really -> nyakwahána really
Reason -> kenaa or kenaach for that reas
Recently -> heyaall
Red -> ehwatt
Red (Plural Form) -> ehwaatt
Red Ant -> chemilly
Red Clay -> mathwatt
Red Diamond Rattlesnake -> ewii kwaahwat
Red Shank (Type Of Shrub With Many Roots
Redden -> taaxwátta
Redwing Blackbird -> aakwisay
Reed -> kwayull filler for baskets
Reel In -> tuurrurr or tuulul
Referee In Peon Game -> kóymi
Refrigerator -> kethaachúra refrigerator
Refuse -> newill he refuses he forbids i
Related -> meyuy
Related (Reciprocal Form) -> mat meyuy
Relative -> kunyeway
Relationship Between Your Parents And Yo
Relative -> chuumaap type of relative
Relative -> nyemuly type of relative
Relatives (Plural Form) -> kunycheway
Relieved -> yaytanak or yaytaanak he is
Remain -> tewaa he remains he stays
Remain (Plural Form) -> nyeway they rema
Remember -> iichaa
Remove Shell -> shechul
Remove Skin -> uuchul
Render -> shuuchah to render
Rennet ( -> kwáaha
Repairman -> nyeiw kwechchaaw repairman
Resident -> kenyewaayk
Respect -> rrèspitaarr
Rest -> maarway the rest whatever is lef
Rest -> wenak he sits he rests
Return -> aakway
Reverse -> maklly taayúma
Rib -> chepshaaw
Ribbon Wood ( -> kepuull red shank ribbo
Rice -> aarroos
Rid -> aa-aam
Ride -> tuu-ully he rides a horse
Ride Bicycle -> mii taanaw he rides a bi
Ride Double -> kaavaay texewaak
Rifle -> ettim rifle bow gun anything us
Right -> ehan it is right correct
Right -> yiiwiik right
Ripe -> wemaa
Right -> taarruy he does it right well p
Right Away -> llyeyum
Rim Of Cup -> suukwiny kekaakap rim or e
Rind -> lemis rind bark of tree skin fur
Ring -> aakily it
Ring (Jewelry) -> aanii ring for the fin
Rip -> uutim to unravel rip
Rip -> uutim to unravel rip to tear
Ripped -> wettap it is ripped torn
Rise -> aasewaay
Rise -> nyaa chepak
Rise -> werar he rises or stands on all
River -> ehaa kwettap
Road -> uunyaa
Roadrunner -> tellypuu
Rock -> ehnally
Roast -> weshill he roasts it he she bar
Robin Redbreast -> yaachih kwaahwatt rob
Rock -> ewily stone rock
Rock -> paawii
Rock -> wii iipatt
Rock Mortar -> ehmuu portable rock morta
Rock Painting -> ewily uumall
Roll -> aamilmil or milmil she rolls
Roll -> semineminp
Roll -> shuutur he rolls a wheeled objec
Roll -> shuutuurrp to roll
Roll Cigarette -> up echaa
Roll Into Ball -> telaaúla
Rolling Mound At Santa Ysabel -> Setemin
Rolling Object -> kushuutuurp round thin
Romadilla -> hechempiill
Rooster Pulling Game -> aahmaa kurekur a
Root -> pehema
Rope -> chekwih
Rope -> hellytay
Rose -> huutuutt
Rotate -> tepkwiirp
Rotten -> weshah
Rough -> hatesilly rough to the touch di
Round -> tepchuurp
Round -> uulul
Round -> yaryar or yareyar
Round (Plural Form) -> leuul
Round And Flat -> yaryar or yareyar roun
Round Belly -> llyepat
Round Thing -> kushuutuurp round thing
Round Up -> aatyiw
Row -> uuhur
Rub -> penyaa to rub to press with the h
Rub (Plural Form) -> chuushuuk they rub
Rub Off -> chahwill to rub off
Rubbery -> ekwiish
Rubber -> uul rubber a tire
Rug -> taapéees couch sofa some people s
Rumbling Noise -> shuukir
Run -> taanuw
Run -> taanuw to make run he drives a ca
Run -> wenuw
Run (Plural Form) -> wenaawch
Run Away -> sekan to run away
Run Away (Plural Form) -> skaan
Run Someone Off -> ii aakxap
Runner -> kwechnaaw
Running Water -> haa kunuw river stream
Runny Nose -> hepiilly wenuw
Russian -> Rruus
Rusty -> muuhuuoohoos or moooohooooh
Rusty (Plural Form) -> muuhhwaas
Sad -> eyay wellich he feelsto feel sad
Sad (Plural Form) -> yay welliich
Sage -> chewuw or chewuuw tree plant fru
Sage -> pellytaay wild sage
Sage -> pshill chia
Sage -> xemill or kemill type of sage ea
Saliva -> chehutt
Sagebrush -> kepxaa big sagebrush arteme
Sagebrush -> kwechash California sagebru
Salesman -> nyeyiw kwevèendéeerr
Salt -> esily
Salty -> sillyk
Same -> nyakwin perchiiwii
Same -> nyakwin or nyakwin same
Same Last Name -> shiimull people with t
Same One -> kwasin
San Diego -> Kesiirr
San Felipe -> Ewiinall
Sand -> mellyhesaay
San José De La Zorra -> Matt Xenally
Sand -> tuuhwas he sands itsomething wit
Sand Flea -> ewill
Sandals -> mii xanyaaw agave sandals tra
Saturday -> Sáaved or Sáavedo
Santa Ana Wind -> enyekwik Santa Ana win
Santa Ysabel -> Ellykwanan Santa Ysabel
Satisfied -> ketuy he is comfortable sat
Saw -> ii chakaatt
Save -> nyemwarr or nyemwal he saves or
Saw -> aakatt he saws it he slices it
Say (Nominalized Form) -> wich
Say (Plural Form) -> wip
Say Something -> chewii
Seat -> aanaak
Say Something -> chewiip
Say That (Plural Form) -> pewip
Scab -> piisiil
Scabbed -> piisil it has a scab on it
Scabby -> hachepiill it is dirty scabby
Scare -> taayutt
Scaly -> takekak it is dry flaky scaly
Scarab Beetle -> kwaksaaw
Scared -> hemeyaay or hemeyaayp afraid
Scared (Plural Form) -> mesteyayp
Scatter -> achekwap or cherkwap
Scold -> llehuch
Scattered -> shaawatt it is scattered an
Scavenge -> chexpil he scavenges for wha
School -> wa chemuyáwa school schoolhous
Scissors -> tixéerr
Scorpion -> meniish
Scram! Get Away! -> Kelu! or Kelu!
Scrape -> shuuhwar
Scraping Noise -> chehiirp
Scraps -> uukaatt or kekaatt scraps torn
Scratch -> chekirr
Scratch -> sehwan
Screw Worm -> wiill
Scratched -> chekiirr or shkiirr
Scratchy -> chehwar to scrub to scrape t
Scream -> euwaaw he screams yells shouts
Screech Owl -> meskur screech owl johnny
Screen -> salesal screen strainer cloth
Screwdriver -> sèerrmaadoorr
Screwworm -> wiill
Scrub -> chehwar to scrub to scrape to c
Scrub Brush -> spii
Seam -> shuukwil
Scrub Oak -> ehwap scrub oak with little
Search -> shemay
Seductively -> aahmuuyk to behave seduct
See -> ewuuw to see to look
See (Plural Form) -> ewup they see they
See In Distance -> um or uu-um
Seed -> teyach seeds
Seem Like -> perewii or verewii or rewii
Seep -> wesaatt
Self -> mat
Selfish -> lleish
Sell -> vèendéerr
Sell One''S Body -> uunyuu
Send -> uuchutt he sends him he orders h
Senile -> may uuyaawph maaw he is senile
Seniors -> karchichak
Sense -> weip he feels it senses it tast
Separate -> aaputt
Separated -> mat wecham to divorce separ
Set -> wehap
Set Down -> aa-ap
Set Off Explosives -> wettim he shoots h
Seven -> pehkaay seven
Set Table -> chekwaa to plant to put thi
Settle -> wenak it settles to the bottom
Seven O'Clock -> lasyéet or laasyéet it
Seven Sisters (Constellation) -> Hachaa
Seventy Five Cents -> sèereyaalrriyaal
Sew -> peyuur
Sewing -> shuukwil
Sex -> menyin
Shade -> temeshaa
Shade -> temshaa
Shadow -> temshaa
Shake -> chuukar
Shaman -> kusiyaay
Shake Grain Or Meal In Basket -> aaputt
Shake Head -> llymuu paally aayum puully
Shake Rattle -> tuuhach
Shake Out -> cheherii he shakes out clot
Shaky -> mewally he is shaky about to fa
Shame On You! -> Mereyúya!
Share -> mat uuwiich
Sharp -> werraaw
Sharp Edge Of A Blade -> fiil
Shave -> aalmi aaxwarr
Sharp Tip Of Arrow -> kwerraaw
Sharpen -> aahwar or aahwal
Shatter -> uuhwak to shatter break
She -> to the sentence see
Sheep -> emuu
Shed Skin -> lemis uushuux
Shell -> aapa rifle shell bullet ammunit
Shell -> shechul
Shellfish -> xalyak clam shellfish
Shelter -> aakyuuch or aakeyuuch or aaky
Shift -> aa-ap
Sherman Oak -> samtaay Sherman oak white
Shine -> taakaa
Shine -> taashuw
Shine -> wettuw to shine to be shiny
Shinny -> peyaak shinny game of shinny s
Shinny Stick -> peyaak
Ship -> vaarrk
Shirt -> kaamiis shirt blouse
Shishkabob -> weshilly
Shit -> iichitt
Shit -> pchitt
Shiver -> chuukar
Shock -> kuuxwirr
Shoes -> hamnyaaw
Shoes -> hemnyaawp
Shoo -> wenir
Shoot -> wettim
Shooter -> atim or attim gun bow shooter
Shooting Star -> ehwiiw
Short -> kwastik short
Short (Plural Form) -> leuuny
Shotgun -> skopéet
Should Have -> tuuyuw it happens
Shoulder -> sallyemak
Shout -> ewaaw he to shouts yells scream
Shovel -> mat aahwaall something to dig
Show -> chewuw
Shrouded -> aakmak
Show How -> chemuuyuw or chemuuyúwa he s
Shred -> uuttaap he shreds it he tears i
Shuffle -> kechhuy
Shut Down -> shuupitt
Shut In -> shuupitt to close
Shy -> chemerryuy or merrcheyuy he is al
Siblings -> xmii xewak
Sick -> henuu
Sick (Plural Form) -> henuch
Side -> xakaay side
Sickness -> xanuuch sickness illness dis
Sideways -> xakaaylly sideways in a side
Sidewinder -> ewii taaspiich
Sift -> weputt
Sign Of The Cross -> Meyiiw kuhliit! Mak
Silent -> nyach wii or nyách-i he is qui
Silk (For Stockings -> séeda silk for st
Silver -> kweillyhiiw money silver
Silver Dollar -> kullyiw kuryaryar
Similar -> llywii
Simply -> mími just simply
Sinew -> peshmaa or pesmaa sinew tendon
Test -> AaKwinYear
Sing The Rise -> aasewaay
Sing (Plural Form) -> echeyaawch or echy
Singer -> kwechcheyaaw or kwechecheyaaw
Singers (Plural Form) -> kwechuuyaaw
Single File -> uuhur to walk single file
Sink -> wechan it sinks
Sister'S Husband -> enyally my sisters h
Sister -> chachany or chaachany or encha
Sister In Law -> echuumaap my deceased w
Sisters (Plural Form) -> chachaany or nt
Sit -> wenak
Sit (Plural Form) -> penak
Sit Down On -> nyillynak
Sit In Shade -> tekemak
Sit Someone Down -> taanáka
Sitting -> tewaa
Sitting (Plural Form) -> nyeway
Eight -> CheePook
Six O''Clock -> laaaséeys it is six oclo
Skin -> ekwall skin hide
Skinny -> wekwiirp
Skirt -> naaw
Skunk -> kallyihwiiw skunk
Skunk -> ketun large skunk striped skunk
Sky -> maay sky high
Skyscraper -> ewaa tekelkul or ewaa kwet
Slam -> aarrap shuupitt he slams it
Slap -> pentah
Slash Up -> tuuchak to slash up to smash
Sleep -> hemaa
Sleep -> yiiw lepiilly
Sleep (Plural Form) -> shuumaap
Smoke -> uuhuy
Sleep On Knees -> chepehutt
Sleep With Mouth Open -> humenaall he sn
Sleepy -> hemach war sleepy
Slice -> aayall
Slick -> helekay or helkay it is slick s
Slingshot -> aawilly type of slingshot
Slingshot -> xwir
Slip -> texnyirr
Slip Shoes On -> kuu-uup
Slippery -> helekay slippery
Slobber -> xemall llyuu wuu i he slobber
Sloppy -> kwellam
Slow -> alypaaym slowly
Small -> temas small
Small (Plural Form) -> lyemash or lyemas
Small Talk (Name Of A Local Newsletter)
Small Round Fruit (Such As Grape Or Berr
Smart -> illyaawp
Smash -> tuuchak to smash to slash up
Smell -> llyuuy it has a bad smell
Smell -> wehwii
Smell (Plural Form) -> wehwiich
Smoky -> iixuy
Smile -> mushmush he to smiles he to gig
Smoke -> aapak or up aapak to smoke
Smoke -> kehuy to smoke
Smolder -> lluuyp lluuyp
Smooth -> halshuw smooth
Smoothe -> tehelaakay
Smudge With Sage -> chxuuy
Smush -> uupik he smashes smushes or squ
Snake -> aawii
Sneak Up -> hapechaa
Sneeze -> weis or uis
Snore -> hamenaall
Snot -> hepiilly
Snow -> aalap
Snowball -> aalap leul
Soak -> tehwas
Soap -> xaavoon
Soapsuds -> xemull
Soapy -> hemoll or hemull foamy soapy la
Sober -> weman he sobers up
Sock -> kalsitiin
Soda Pop -> kwahwatt red soda pop
Sofa -> anaak chair couch sofa anything
Soft -> mewas soft to the touch smooth
Soft Stuff -> kemwas
Soften -> tuunyaach she softens it
Some -> weyap
Softly -> alypaay he speaks softly or in
Soggy -> kayekay
Solar Eclipse -> enyaa wesaaw eclipse of
Soldier -> soldaal
Sole Of Foot -> emil llapllap
Some Day -> enyaa nya-ári or enyaa nyaár
Somebody -> nyakwar
Somehow -> maawii or mawii
Something -> uuchuch or
Sometime -> muuyu or muyu it happens at
Sometimes -> nyamuyuu
Somewhere -> nyaar someplace
Son''S Child -> aaw my sons child
Son'S Children -> aaaw sons children
Son -> ehuumaay my son
Son In Law -> kuhkaaw
Song -> chayaw
Song Cycles -> Shuuluk Lightning song
Sons (Plural Form) -> xamil teenage boys
Soon -> yasuum or yaasuum in a little wh
Soon -> yaysu i it is soon it happens so
Sore -> pesill or pesillp
Sore -> pesillp
Sore -> werap it is sore it hurts he is
Sorry -> eyay wellich he feelsto feel sa
Sound Of Whippoorwill Or Taopaocamino ->
Soup -> nyehay soup juice
Soupy -> iixay it is soupy it is watery
Sour -> esilly or esillyk it is sour bit
South -> kewaak
Southerner -> kiiwaak or kiiwak
Southernsouthern -> kiiwaak he is a sout
Space Between Fingers -> sally kwehkar
Spaghetti -> makaarroon kaakuull
Spanish -> Haykuu Aa
Spanish -> xiikuy
Spanish Bayonet (Type Of Plant) -> sha-a
Spark Plug -> millepuu or melyepuu spark
Sparrow Hawk -> mespily
Sparse -> metpay
Speak -> waayp he speaks he speaks a lan
Speak (Plural Form) -> chewayp
Speak English -> merriikaan
Spider -> hellytutt
Speak Indian -> metiipay
Speak Spanish -> xiikuy
Speech -> chekwar he makes a speech he p
Spherical (Plural Form) -> leuul
Dizzy -> EyuuTataWirr
Drill -> UuKup
Spider -> hellytutt spider of any kind
Spider -> melchakwaaw
Spider -> nyiimull spider
Spill -> aachtuuk or aashtuuk
Spill -> teseyall or seyall to spill
Spin -> tehewarp
Spin -> tepekwilp to turn around spin
Spirit -> metteaaw or mettaaw
Spit -> chehott
Spit -> chehutt spit spittle saliva
Split -> chuusur to split with fingernai
Split -> tuuchall to split
Split -> wechall it is split cracked
Spoiled -> weshax it is spoiled
Spongy -> kayekay it is spongy it is jel
Spook -> chiillich ghost spook
Spooked -> weyutt he is spooked startled
Spray -> xepsuy
Spontaneously -> yaymenaa or nyemnaa he
Spouse -> nyewaay spouse partner mate wi
Sprained Ankle -> penykewank
Spread -> aawil he spreads something
Spread Out -> wechach he spreads out som
Spring -> ehaa chuukup
Spring (Season) -> chiipam
Sprinkle -> achekwap he scatters things
Sprout -> chepak it sprouts it comes up
Squash -> aachuk he squashes a bug he sm
Squash -> xamecha wild squash gourd
Squeaky -> hiish wii
Squeeze -> penkwis he squeezes something
Squirrel -> ehmaall
Stab -> uushaa
Stack -> tekelkul or tekelkuul
Stack Up -> uu-ull he stacks wood
Stagger -> atteatt wii
Stand -> pehekwii to stand
Stand (Plural Form) -> pechhuukwiip
Stand Something Up -> peshaakwíia
Standing -> weyuuw
Standing (Plural Form) -> tuuyak
Star -> kwilyaw chepak
Star -> maaykesaap
Star -> walwal muuhaap
Stare -> ewuuw aapsiiw he stares he look
Start Car -> taanuw
Start Fire -> hellyap
Start To Rain -> aawas
Startle -> taayull or taayúlla
Stay -> tewaa
Startled -> weyutt he is startled spooke
Stay (Plural Form) -> nyeway
Stay With Friend -> anyuuwayp
Steal -> shuuhwiiw
Steamy -> xenepaach it
Stiff -> ewiir
Steal (Plural Form) -> naarr they steal
Steam -> temuuhuup infusion smoke steam
Steep -> kepiiwayp
Steer -> taanúwa
Steller''S Jay -> uusuull stellers jay
Step On -> kaawin
Step -> aa-amp he steps takes a step wal
Step (Plural Form) -> chuukwaak or shuuk
Step On (Plural Form) -> puuull
Stepfather -> echekuu my stepfather
Stepmother -> enemuuy my stepmother my f
Stew -> nyexay soup juice stew
Stick -> chepllyat
Stick -> ily or il wood stick post tree
Stick In -> aakhap
Stick Up -> tehewaawp
Stick Out -> aachpach he sticks somethin
Sticky -> hiipilly
Sticky Stuff -> chepaallyaat sticky stuf
Still -> Awínki! orAwínki ketekwaa! Aawí
Still -> sekay
Sting -> weshaa
Stingy -> xllish
Stink -> weshah
Stink Ants (Live In Trees) -> mechahallh
Stink Bug -> mes-hanan
Stink Weed -> hechempiill stink weed rom
Stir -> shaawall
Stir Fire -> aaw shuuyul
Stirring Stick -> ily shaawall
Stirrup -> strrii
Stoke Fire -> shuuyul
Stolen -> shuuhuup stolen
Stomach -> etuu
Stone -> ewily
Stomach Ache -> etuu werap he has a stom
Stoop -> cheputt
Stop -> hepekwii it
Stop -> pekatt he stops it he brings it
Stop (Plural Form) -> antuumak they stop
Stop Up -> tuupitt
Stove -> stuuf
Storage Container For Acorns -> shekwiin
Store -> ewaa kwinur
Store -> nyemwarrl or nyemwal he keeps t
Story -> aaknaa
Storekeeper -> tyéenda kepshaaw
Story Teller -> aakenáachu story-teller
Straight -> hantuk
Straight (Plural Form) -> xantuuk
Straighten -> helaatuk
Strainer -> sallesall
Straighten Oneself (Reflexive Form) -> m
Strain -> aamirr he drains it he strains
Strange -> purp different strange peculi
Stranger -> ehwaa enemy stranger
Strangle -> penkwis he strangles someone
Straw -> chaluup
Strawberry -> chepahaay wild strawberry
Strawberry Nehi (Soda Popsoda Pop) -> k
Stream -> haa kunuw river stream running
String -> piit
Strengthen String -> aapchil
Stretch -> uurur to stretch
Stretch Oneself -> mat uukwiirp to stret
Strike Match -> xellyap he strikes a mat
Strike -> aarrap he strikes hits or whip
String Beads -> aashuul
Stringy -> sallyesally it is old worn ou
Strip -> hehwir to strip the leaves and
Stripes -> wenyur it has stripes or diff
Strong -> sepir or sepiir he is strong
Strong (Plural Form) -> sepir
Strum -> shaakily
Stubby Nose -> huu kesnah
Stuck -> tuulump to be stuck
Student -> skweéel kwexap student
Stuffed Up -> tuupitt it is stuffed up p
Stuffed Up (Plural Form) -> tetpiitt the
Stuffy -> túpa túpa wii
Stump -> kutun or kwetun
Stunted Oak -> snyaaw ketun
Stutter -> aa uupiitt
Submerge -> aawin or awin he submerges i
Succulent -> halupiish or haluupiish
Sumac -> ehwaall
Suck -> wepis to suck to kiss
Sugar -> kumyulk sugar
Sugar Cane -> kaany
Summer -> iipall
Sun -> enyaa sun today
Sunbathe -> tuuyumk
Sunday -> dumiing or duumiingk
Sunrise -> nyaa chepak sunrise sun comes
Sunset -> enyaach wehap sunset
Sunshine -> enyaa chepak
Support -> shawin he holds onto it he su
Supposed To -> tuuyuw it is supposed to
Surf -> ehaa hemull surf waves soapy or
Surface -> nyemaay
Surgery -> aattap they perform surgery o
Surreptitiously -> tuuyuur surreptitious
Surround -> tuukap
Suspenders -> tirraant
Table -> asaaw
Swallow -> wenyallyk
Swallow (Type Of Bird) -> mesxayálya
Sweat -> wepill
Converse -> Mutt ChewWay
Sweep -> aamall
Sweep (Plural Form) -> aachmaall
Sweet -> kemyuulk
Sweet -> meyulk
Sweet Pea -> kwelsup
Sweetener -> kemyul sugar honey sweetene
Sweetheart -> yaachash kemeyuulk sweethe
Sweets -> kemyuulk or kemeyuulk
Swell Up -> waar
Cook Bake -> WePap
Swim -> haa wennup
Swim (Plural Form) -> haa llyuuuup
Switch -> matehkay
Switch Tail -> echwilk echwilk wii to wi
Swollen -> waarp
Sycamore -> empuull or hapuull
Sycuan (Place Name) -> Shekwaan
Tablecloth -> laameeslaamées chapiitt
Tail -> sheyull
Take Apart -> uutuuk
Afraid -> MissEeYiap
Take Away -> a-aam he takes somethingit
Tall -> iikuu
Take Care Of -> peshuw to take care of t
Take Down -> aachan he takes something d
Take In -> aakhap he takes it in he brin
Take Off -> uushuh he takes peones off w
Take Medicine -> wesi he takes liquid me
Take Off -> sekan or shekan he takes off
Take Off (Plural Form) -> skaan they tak
Take Out -> haasill to take coarse grain
Take Off (Plural Form) -> uushuuh he tak
Take Picture -> uumall he takes a pictur
Take Place -> hetuu to take goods at fun
Take Steps (Plural Form) -> chuukwaak or
Take Stepss -> chekwak or shkwak he take
Take To The Top -> aapur
Talk -> kwarrkwarr
Talk -> waayp to talk
Talk (Plural Form) -> chewayp
Tall -> kwechemay a tall one
Tamp -> shuutuu or suutuu
Tan -> kwash it is tan brown gray
Tapacamino -> tuwluwk
Tapacamino -> uuluwk tapacamino whippoor
Tangled -> tehelak he is tangled up in i
Tape Recorder -> uuch etaanuw
Tarantula -> menniih
Tassel -> teyach aalmi
Taste -> chemaa to taste
Taste -> nemeshiiw taste it doesnt taste
Taste Good -> machemácha taste it tastes
Tasteless -> mesah it has no taste it do
Tattoo -> aa uukwiich
Tattoo -> maat uumall
Tattoo -> uukwiich
Teach -> chemuuyuw or chemuuyúwa
Teacher -> kwechemuuyúwa or kwechechmuuy
Tear -> uutim to tear
Tear -> uuttap to tear torn apart
Tear Down -> uunam
Tears -> eyiiw nyehaa tears teardrop
Tease -> achekwir to tease
Tecate (Place Name) -> Tikaat Tecate
Teenagers -> kwethemii teenagers young p
Teeth -> eyaaw
Square -> AaYirNaKwin
Television -> iipay chawuuw television m
Tell -> akenaa to tell
Tell -> kenaap
Tell (Plural Form) -> kuunap
Tell Lie -> chiimally
Tell Off -> wellich aakenaa
Ten -> shaahuk ten
Ten Cents -> dyéees sintaaw
Ten O'Clock -> lasdyées it is ten oclock
Tender -> mewaly
Tendon -> pehemaa tendon sinew
Yuck -> mesah! Yuck
Thank You -> han
Tent -> aakyuuch or aaakeyuuch or aakyuu
Tequila -> xa xkwak alcoholic drink such
That''S Why -> kenaa or kenaach for that
That One -> puu that that one he she the
That Way -> puully
That Which Is -> kw- or kwa-
Thaw -> wechah it thaws melts dissolves
Then -> nyapuum then next at that point
There -> nyípi or nyípii there right the
There Is -> In Iipay and Tiipay verbs of
These -> peyap
They Is Usually Expressed As Part Of The
Thick -> menutt or menuttk it has a thic
Thick Lipped Person -> aa kuskilly
Thief -> kweshehuup
Thigh -> ewill thigh upper leg
Thorn -> tatt
Thin -> kelsaw or kwelsaw or lesaw
Thing -> uuchuch
Think -> iichaa he thinks he remembers
Think Straight -> yay wemaaw he cant thi
Thirsty -> haa methay
Thirteen -> shaahuuk esin emaayk hemuk
Thirsty (Plural Form) -> xam meshuuwaatt
Thirty -> shaahuuk hemuk
This One -> peyaa
This Way -> peyaam
Those -> nyiip
Thoughts -> iichach
Thousand -> miil
Thrash Wheat -> chuuchuk they thrash whe
Thrashing Machine -> trrii xaapuuch mach
Thread -> iil
Threatening Gesture -> uuyull he makes a
Tie -> aannak
Three -> hemuk three
Three -> nyaxemuklly or nyaxmuklly the t
Three O'Clock -> lastrrées it is three o
Three Stars (Constellation) -> emuu
Three Times -> haamúka
Throat -> nyally
Throat Is Dry -> yay seaay
Through -> Occasionally it is expressed
Throw -> aarapm to throw one thing
Throw Up -> yuqk
Throw Up (Plural Form) -> uuyuuk
Thumb -> sallyhwaa
Thunder -> shuukir
Thunder -> shuulluw noise of thunder
Thundercloud -> shuuhuull
Thunderstorm -> palluukwii
Thunderstorm -> xellyuukwii paw
Thursday -> xxwéeves
Tick -> shuutik it ticks it clicks
Tickle -> sehwalyhwaly
Tie (Plural Form) -> chechnaak
Tight -> tiptik it is stuck on tight he
Time -> pam
Tighten -> taawir
Tildee -> kwiliit
Time -> enyaa sun day time
Timepiece -> shuutik clock watch any tim
Tin Can -> xaarr
Tip -> kwerraaw
Tire -> emil or emily tire
Tire Patch -> texaapiill
Tired -> metaawar
Tired (Plural Form) -> metaawaarch
Toad -> hantak frog toad
Toadstool -> hatepan toadstool mushroom
Tobacco -> up
Today -> enyaa sun today
Toe -> mii sallysally or emii kwesallysa
Toecutter -> meskaap
Toenail -> emilykeshuw
Tooth -> eyaaw
Toes -> mii sallysally or emii kwesallys
Together -> Hewakch ewípches They did it
Toilet -> chapaach
Tomato -> tumaat
Tomorrow -> metenyaally
Tongue -> anepall
Tonight -> nyepily heunm
Top -> aapur
Too Many Of Something -> menkurr
Too Much -> aapsiiw he does it too much
Too Small -> shepetik too small
Tool -> epal rake shovel any hand tool
Toothache -> yaaw werap his tooth hurts
Top -> emaay
Top Man -> kwaypaay top man head of comm
Tornado -> mattxeyaakwirra
Mussel -> Kiiyulth
Torn -> wettap
Torn (Plural Form) -> wettaap
Tornado -> mattxeyaakwírra
Tortilla Basket -> sawil
Tortillas -> meyally
Touch -> henyaa
Tough -> ekwiish tough rubbery
Town -> pwéebel city town
Elderberry Blue -> KaPalth Treat Fever
Turtle Water -> PelthKap
Tow -> tuulul to drag pull tow a car
Toy -> senaly toys
Toyon (Type Of Plant With Edible Berries
Track -> emii wesii
Mush Generic -> ShaWii acorn mush
Tracks -> emii or mii leg foot footprint
Tractor -> mii shaw kuich old-fashioned
Trade -> achhuukaayk
Trail -> uunyaa road path trail
Train -> wa kuwenaw train
Trap -> trraamp
Trapdoor Spider -> mellykankan kwaxwatt
Treasure -> uuway
Treat -> nyempaa
Tree -> chewuw or chewuuw tree plant fru
Tree Ants -> millypekwan
Tree Mushroom -> kerkaark
Tree Squirrel -> matt-taay
Tribal Council Member -> kwalypaay chair
Tricky -> haattiipaay
Tricks -> llyeweyaaw to tell a lie fool
Trim -> tuusul to trim he peels somethin
Trip -> chiellyemii or chiihlyemii
Tripe -> chehelemii
Triple -> xmuuk
Trot -> trroot
Trust -> achpay or achepay
Trouble -> pewar he is unable he has tro
Trousers -> txil kewaay kwayum clothes f
Truth -> kwahan truth
Try -> temaa
Tub -> tiin
Tuberculosis -> shaakiill tuberculosis l
Tuesday -> mMaarrt
Tug Of War -> menyuup
Tule -> esoq
Turkey -> wesheluut wild turkey
Turn -> apekwiirp to go around to turn
Turn -> telekwin
Turn -> telekwin to twist
Turn (Plural Form) -> achpekwiilp
Turn Around -> tekewank
Turn Head Up -> tuupay
Turn Inside Out -> sek-wank
Turn Loose -> uushuh
Turn Off -> taapitt to turn off
Turn On -> uutull to turn on the lights
Turn Out -> chepaa
Turn Over -> aak-wank to turn over groun
Turn Over -> apekwilp
Turn That Way -> kaayum
Turn Up -> taamaay
Turned -> aakewanp turned already turned
Turtle -> ehnaally
Twelve -> shaahuuk sin emaayk hewak
Twenty -> shaahuuk hewak
Twenty Five Cents -> doorreyaalriyaal
Twenty One -> shaahuuk hewak emaayk esin
Twenty Three -> shaahuuk hewak emaayk he
Twenty Two -> shaahuuk hewak emaayk hewa
Twice -> haawáka
Twin -> haawaak
Twirl -> tepkwiirp he twirls it spins ro
Twist -> telekwin
Twists -> tekur it twists
Two -> hewak two
Two -> hewaklly the two of them
Two O''Clock -> tuuur oouurr xewak pekwi
Umbilical Cord -> pehaa
Two Thirty -> tuuur uur xewak xaakaay pe
Twos -> xewaak they are in twos they are
Ugly -> wellich it is ugly bad
Umbrella -> seperaaw
Unable -> llyepuuwar cant
Unaware -> taaiim
Unable To Talk -> aa shuupitt dumb
Unbaptized -> xèntil it is wild undomest
Uncle''S Wife -> enepii wife of my fathe
Unconscious -> maaykiiwayk
Uncle -> eenekwaay my mothers brother
Uncover -> uuttak he uncovers it he open
Under -> kuwaay under underneath
Under Rested -> yiiw púurra he is sleepy
Underhandedly -> tuuyuur underhand surre
Unripe -> xepshiw
Undersized -> ketun teun
Understand -> uuyaaw he knows he underst
Understand (Plural Form) -> uuchyuwp the
Underwear -> kalsoon
Unravel -> uutim to unravel rip
Unique -> kwiinuus it is cute pretty uni
Unload -> etaachan or techan he unloads
Unload (Plural Form) -> aachaan they unl
Unravel -> uutim to unravel rip tear
Untie -> uushuk to take off the wrapping
Untied -> wettip it comes untied it is t
Until It Is Gone (Plural Form) -> newaat
All Over -> Noasoom Ended Finished Empty
Until It Is It Is Gone -> newatt
Unwell -> eyay melekwil not feeling good
Unwilling -> eyay hwam his heart is not
Unwrap -> uushuk to take off the wrappin
Upper Leg -> ewill
Up (1) In An Upward Direction (2) Up I
Up And Down -> kullall kullall to go up
Uphill -> kepwaay or kepeway to go up
Upset -> eyay wellich
Uproot -> uullupm to pull out of the gro
Upset -> nyemiil
Upstairs (Lit -> kwamaayk
Urinate -> pesuu
Used To -> Grammar Notes
Used To (Plural Form) -> implies past ha
Vomit -> yuk
Used Up -> nesuum it is used up gone it
Utensil For Stirring -> ily shaawall sti
Valley -> emat wettap
Valley Quail -> ahmaa valley quail Calif
Vegetables -> chewuw or chewuuw tree pla
Very (1) He Is Very Much So (2) He Doe
Vessel -> suukwiny vessel pot bowl dish
Viejas (Place Name) -> Matarewaa Viejas
Visible -> iiwal it is clearly visible o
Volcan Road -> Chehuulluw
Vomit (Plural Form) -> uuyuuk
Wagon -> kaaléees wagon buggy
Waist -> waxenan
Wait (Plural Form) -> pecheshuw
Wait -> peshuw to take care of to wait
Wake -> aapitt
Wake Up -> haachap
Wake Up -> hechap to wake up
Walk -> taa-amp
Walk (Plural Form) -> ewamp
Walk Single File -> uuhur
Walk With Cane -> shepuuaawp
Walnut -> nuuwéees
Wander -> kekeway
Want -> war to want
Want (Plural Form) -> waarp
War -> iihwaay
War -> iihway
Warm -> taapin
War Dance -> huulluy
Warm -> wepin
Warm Oneself -> wepu
Warner''S (Place Name) -> Haakupin
Wash -> aallehwas or aallhwas or aalehwa
Wash (Plural Form) -> suupuy they wash t
Wash Board -> tasiich
Washing Machine -> tasiich
Wasp -> metpaaw wasp yellowjacket
Watch -> enyaa kuknap watch clock
Watch -> ewuuw he watches it he sees it
Watch (Plural Form) -> uuwuuwp
Watch Out -> pshaw he watches out he is
Water -> ehaa
Water -> ehaa tekhap or haa tekhap he ir
Water -> yiiw siipiilly his eyes water h
Water Bug -> shapiittaak water bug
Water Snake -> anekuur
Watercress -> hemal greens
Waterfall -> hachuulluu
Watermelon -> kweiyup
Watery -> kwelsaw or lesaw it is watery
Wave -> aawall to wave to fan to paddle
Wave -> laampulaamp it waves in the wind
Waves -> ehaa hemull waves surf soapy or
Waves -> ehaach wehum waves
We -> may be added to the sentence
Weak -> mewall to feel weak to be draggi
Weapon -> attim bow and arrow weapon gun
Wear -> tehiillyp to get dressed to wear
Wear Belt -> wenyiip
Wear (Plural Form) -> tuuxil they dress
Wear Around Neck -> xenak
Wear Clothes -> tehiillyp
Wear Clothes (Plural Form) -> tuuxil
Well -> ehan
Wear Dentures -> yaaw tekxaap
Wear Gloves -> tekxap
Wear Hat -> tuu-up
Wear In Hair -> tuu-up he wears it in hi
Wear On Head -> taawil
Wear Out -> chewatt it wears out it is w
Weasel -> hatekarr
Weave -> hekwir to weave acorn granary t
Wednesday -> mmyéerrkel
Weed -> samay type of weed
Weeping Willow -> halesii wemii
Well -> meheyayp
Well! Expression Of Surprise And Doubt
Well (Plural Form) -> ehaan they are wel
Well Behaved -> aawin
West -> ewik
Wet -> ehar
Wet -> taahar
Whale -> eshpank
What -> uuch
Whatever -> uuchuch
Wheat -> tiiyach wheat corn
Wheel -> rruwéeel
When -> nya-
While -> around tenyeway they are locate
While -> nyakur after a while
Whining Child -> elymaam kwechmiich cryb
Whip -> aarrap
Whip -> aarrap to beat up to whip to hit
Whip -> shuukwall he whips cream
Whippoorwill -> tuwluwk
Whippoorwill -> uuluwk whippoorwill tapa
Whirl -> henekwir he whirls a whirly thi
Whirl Around -> tepekwiirp whirling
Whirlpool -> ehaa kutepkwiirp
Whirlwind -> hatuukwir
Whiskbroom -> ehchii
Whiskers -> aalemii
Whiskey -> haa kerap
Whisper -> hwayahwáya to whisper in some
Whistle -> chehwiiw to whistle
Whistle -> xalul
White -> nemeshap white
Whose -> meap
White (Plural Form) -> nyemshaap
White Oak -> neshaaw
White Person -> merikaan
Whiten -> temaashápa
Whittle -> chehir to whittle to file to
Wide -> all
Whoop -> weparr he whoops as they do in
Why -> kenaa or kenaach for that reason
Wife'S Brother -> enyekuu my wifes broth
Wife'S Parent -> nemuus
Wife -> esiny my wife
Wife'S Relative -> uushu wifes relative
Wife'S Sister -> echuumaap my deceased w
Wiggle -> echwilk echwilk he wiggles som
Win -> wemarr
Wiggly -> echwilk echwilk
Wild -> chiillich it is wild
Wild (Plural Form) -> chiilliich they ar
Wildcat -> nyemii bobcat wildcat
Willow -> halesii
Wilted -> mewall to feel weak to be drag
Win (Plural Form) -> wemaarr
Wind -> yaayp
Wind Up -> telekwin he winds
Window -> laavèentaan
Windpipe -> hachuulluu
Windshield -> wèltsaan
Windy -> metiixaay
Wine -> viin
Wing -> wirewir wing feather
Winnow -> aaputt to shake a basket to se
Winnowing Basket -> saawill
Winter -> hiichur
Winter (The Season) -> hiichur
Wipe -> chewiill he wipes it off he wipe
Wipe (Plural Form) -> chuushuuk they rub
Wiped Out -> sherwatt it is wiped out de
Witch -> hatemuly
Witch -> mat hechepach to witch to docto
Witch (Plural Form) -> nyesuupiich
With -> emii with someone or something
With -> is expressed by means of a suffi
Wobbleing -> al al wii wobbling barely w
With -> maayaayp he is with him he accom
With (Plural Form) -> nany they are with
Wolf -> hechkullk
Withdraw -> senaay he dips up water he d
Women (Plural Form) -> nyechaak women
Wood -> ily
Woodpecker''S Grandmother (A Type Of Rab
Woodpecker -> hetepull or hatepull
Woodpile -> ii tuurrax
Woodrat -> emallk
Work -> tarchach
Cover -> AaPit
Female -> Siny Woman Girl Female Of Any
Work -> wenaw it works it runs
Worker -> kwetrrabaaxarr
World -> emat or ematt world place dirt
Worm -> ill
Worn Out -> sallyesally torn worn out ol
Worries -> ketuy
Worsen -> ellynyach wii getting worse
Woven Object -> ukwach or uukwach
Woven Material -> ukwach or uukwach wove
Wrap -> aatir to wrap a string around so
Wring -> llekwis
Wrinkled -> mechiill it
Write -> uumall to write make a mark
Writer -> kwechmaall
Writing -> kwaanyur or kwaanyul writing
Writing Implement -> chehiir pen
Wrong -> melaayk
Yard -> emat ewaa kaakap yard dirt aroun
Wrong Side Out -> sekewank he turns it i
Wrung Out -> mewall to feel weak to be d
Yawn -> yaasp
Xnyip Xally Wamch Uuyáaawches -> Nyaach
Year -> matwam or matwaam
Yell -> ewaaw to yell scream shout
Yellow -> ekwas
Yellow (Plural Form) -> ekwaas
Yellowjacket -> matpekwih
Yesterday -> tenaay
Yellowtail (Type Of Fish) -> sheyully kw
Yet -> nyuk yet already
Yield -> kepshuw! Yield! Wait!
You (Plural Form) -> menyaamach
Young -> elymaam
Young -> hiimilh
Young -> temilh
Young People -> kwethemii young people
Young Person -> hiimilh young person you
Young Woman -> siny girl young woman
Younger Sister -> san
Tomorrow -> MimmSupp 9 Used as joke whe
Younger Brother -> esuly my younger brot
Acquaintance -> UuYaow Knows Someone
Tortoise -> mellykekap small tortoise fo
Younger Sisters (Plural Form) -> saan
Your -> maa
Zero -> nii uuchuch
Acorn Cracking Rocks -> Snyaaw Tapaach R
Across -> Hep Kwilth To Be Across To Hav
Acquaintance -> Uuyaw Someone Whom Someo
Broken -> MeLye
Bring Bad Luck -> YahWhip
Bring In -> TaTeHaup
Broil -> WaaHelth
Bed Cover -> Aayaak Aapitt
Adopt -> WeYaaw He Picks Something Up Th
Adult -> Kwehmii Adult Grown Person Olde
Adults -> Kwathemii Adults Elders
All Fours -> Werar He Rises Or Stands On
Amputate -> Aakatt He Cuts Saws Slices A
Bake Pots -> Wehill
Angel -> Kaaknaach
Baker -> Pan Kwechpaap
Bale Of Hay -> Samay Aanak
Bad Smell -> Llyuuy
KumeyaayOld -> Kumeyaay Old Way
Lame -> WeLoom
Lame for a while -> Estick weum WaLoom
Laughing -> WeSaii
Lay down(command) -> KeeYuk
LayEgg -> UrrP
Laying down (Horizontal) -> WeYuk
Laying down already -> YuukEyukYuk
Laying down laughing -> YukYoSei
Laying on back -> UuSai Yuk
Lean -> QuaPipe
Leave it alone -> KeeChum
Leave it alone -> KeyChum
Left -> KaSaark
Left it (I left it some place -> Yarvi I
Left it some place -> NyaArveeIMuckO
Light as in shine -> UuTulth
Like it -> ChimEnYai
Listen(Command) -> KaYipNa
Little people -> Eeyapoo
Lizard -> HaKwaull
Lock -> KeeToeWhilth
Lock -> ToWhilth
Long(length) -> AaKulth
Long time -> HautEnowAakur
Look -> KaWuu
Look (Sam you see) -> Sam Maage MaUmA
Lost -> PinCimm
Look there heShe goes -> KaOom WammGes
Lost the Race -> AwirpTaAaPinCim
Lying there sleeping -> YukSheMaa
Mad -> NyaMe
Made -> WeChoGeis
Maggot -> WeEetlh
Making something bad -> UuThuch WeChoo W
Male Child -> HuMaii
Male Man -> Kuutch or EKuutch
Man Male -> Kuutch or EKuutch
Man Older than elder -> Karuuk
Many -> MouYum
Many -> Stlhoo
Maybe -> UuChucho
Many burried with hands -> EeThlyo MaMur
Married in the past -> MuttWan Muck
Mary passed them -> MaryPaQuilth
Meat -> KaKwyap
Medow Open Place -> MaTarAwa
Melt -> WeaChaucha
Merna today is quiet -> Merna Nyach WeTA
Mexican -> PinYiaa
Money -> AaRuup
Money lost -> AaRuup PinCim
Money won a lot -> AruupKwitlhoAmunn
Monster Lady -> Hutamul
Moon -> HaTlha
Moon is shining -> HaShaltg WaKaa
More -> HaQuan
Mother -> PaaTay
Mouse -> MeaKaey
Mud Pack -> MuttAWhy
My House -> InyaWaa
Naw Chew A Bone -> ChuuQueer
Near -> PaaEe
Near noon -> TuUrp Pawaa
Never Married -> WeYump Mauw
Nine -> NimHaMook
Noon -> TuUrp
Nose -> AaWho
Not at all -> Knee
Not Married -> MyWeYump Mauw
Not Remember -> AhShoHe
Now -> NyaPil
Now -> TaWaa
Now Eating -> AsOw TaWaa
Oak Black Oak and the acorns -> KeaPalth
Oak White Oad and the acorns -> SinYoww
Ok go -> KaaYeema
Old lady how my Grandma said it -> Kwinn
Old Lady no good -> KwaKui MaLi
One Child -> Sin MuttaWich
Open -> WaaTupp
Open Eyes Command -> Eyuu KweTuck
Open Your Eyes -> ChuChup
Enjoy -> ChemEnyay To Enjoy To Like
Outside -> EeuuKey
Outside -> MaTartlh
Outside you go -> MaTa KetchPa
Over there did you leave it -> Puu MIiMu
Owl(The kind that notifies of death) ->
Owl -> AaWho
Owl Horned -> YaaWuu
Own -> NyaWitch
Pain Hurt -> WaRup
Past Already Happened -> WeeYumpTaWa
Pattern like a checkerboard wallpaper ne
Peon -> UuMarp
PeonPlayer -> UuMarp TaPaages
Pick up -> WeeYo
Pickup Something Bright -> HalSoTaWaamWe
Pile -> TepAKul
Plant (Verb and Noun) -> CheWuw
Plant Something -> TuuSutt
Planting(shallow) -> HaMurr
Press Down -> TaaWin
Press Push Down -> PinnYaah
Pretty Cute -> HeNilk
Pull arm -> SaSha ShaWin AluuL
Pull Drag -> AluL
Put basket in another -> SaWll ya KaWyae
Put it down(plural) -> CheeKwaa
Put it down(singular) -> AaUp
Put it down -> KeeYuck
Put it down Baby right here put down ->
Put it down he(plural) -> Nype KetchKwaa
Put it in -> TetKwaHaup
Put on back -> Hataat KuuAap
Put on stomach -> TuuKaap
Put on top -> MaiKaup
Quail -> AwkMaa
Question -> MuttAQui
Quiet(be quiet) -> Nyaagkey
Rabbit Brush -> UpHarrr
Rabbit Cottontail -> HeTlhOw
Rabbit Jack -> KwinnYaow
RabbitsHouse -> HaThlo NaWa
Race(Contest) -> AaWirr
Rainbow -> HelPaSu
Rat Wood -> AaMulth
Reach (Going to grab) -> CheeChulth
Reach In (Command) -> KeeChulth
Recent -> HeYalth
Recently -> AyYulth
Remember not(man saw but dont remembe ->
Richard was behind -> Muck A Ma
Right -> UuWee
Ripe -> WaaMa
Rough -> EpiTlh
Round (I have heard this as in circular)
Round (I have heard this as in wandering
Run -> WenNo
Said Good -> KwaHun KaNaap
Salt(2) -> Eecech
Salt -> Aasill
Same last name but not related -> ChaMul
Saw deer follow -> KaKwak MeAsi
Say Something -> KickShawypNa
See(Sam you see over there) -> Sam Maag
See -> EWuuw
Seed -> EeYeach
See (Billy sees him) -> Billy AOomGes
See Myrna sees him over there -> Myrna O
Seed She burried the seeds with hands ->
Seed she one burried -> Yach a sin sin a
Seven -> CheePuk
Shade (Can also mean ghost) -> TemmAShaw
She burried the seeds with hands -> Sin
Shine -> WaaKaa
Shiny -> HellShow
Shoot Gun or Bow -> AATim WAAtim
Shout -> AaWow
Show -> ChaWuu
Sister -> AaShaun
Sitting On Egg -> MyQuaNuck
Sitting there eating -> WeSauw TaWa
Ten -> ShaHook
Skreech Owl -> KuutchCheChuck
Skunk -> KaushEeWheeu
Sleeping -> ShaMaa
Sleeping laying then got up -> ShaMup To
Small -> EsTick
Smash it down -> AaquinSchLupSchLup
Snake -> AhWee
Snake -> EEWik
Somebody -> MaAap
Something -> Uuch
Something(Bob Something made) -> Bob UuC
Something else -> UpEe
Something get it -> UuchuchWeOo
Something Good -> Uuch KwaHaun
Somewhere -> NyaAreWay
Son Deer Follow -> AhWhoMai Akwak MeAsi
Soup Drinking -> NyaHaiWaSee
Soup Juice -> NyaHi
Speak(I Speak you be quiet) -> Inyage Ay
Spirit(Shadow) -> MuttaAow
Sprout (Plant) -> HaMe
Stab -> UuShaw
Stacked -> TepACul
Stand -> PaasQui
Stand Arlet baby stood up -> Arlet ElMom
Stand I baby stood up -> Nyage ElMomUpSa
Stand it up -> HaupShaKweeA
Stand Make it -> KepSaQuia
Stand Those children (are)Standing -> El
Standing1 -> PaSqui
Standing2 -> TuuYo
Standing there drinking -> PaSqi WaSee
Steal -> ChaWhoo
Step on Something -> KaWin
Tear -> UuTP
Stink -> WaarSuck
Stop(Command) -> KaapASwyii
Stop doing something -> AaMuck
Stop Stand -> PeshQui
Strawberry -> SupUHai
Stuck -> ToStlhoop
Take away -> NyahQuichMuck
Take something off unwrap -> UuShuu
Take Something Out -> AagePutch
Talk language -> Wyp
Telling Him What To Do -> KaChaut
Thats why thats the reason -> KenYaach
Then it stopped -> NapumAMuck
There outside take -> Pieya MaTartlh KaA
There stands he is -> Puu WeOo AAmGes
Thief -> KwishAHoup
To be with -> Qwatch
To Do -> AaWe
To get something -> UuchuchWeOo
To go inside -> Kawayy
To reach (Going to grab) -> CheeChulth
Today(Merna today is quiet) -> Merna Nya
Today -> Nyatch
Today being quiet -> NyaachATawa
Together -> YimMaYiap
Trade -> Chukyaap
Together going one behind -> YaMeWeYuu
Too Tight Small -> TuppTick
Town or City -> Awaa QuinYer
Unable -> PeWar
Walk -> Aamp
Walk -> Waamph
Walking and then felll -> WummpTaWageWaN
Want -> Waar
Warm -> AaPin
Was Doing -> TaaWaa
Was eating -> AasowTaWa
Was eating then got full -> wAsowTaWageW
Wasp -> MitPow
Watch wrist -> ChuTick
Water -> Ha
Way over there he is standing -> PuuWeOo
Way over there he is standing see -> Puu
Wedding -> MuttaWeump
Went out -> ChaWhak
What Are You Making -> UugeWechoaTimAWa
What do you want -> MaagMonkMeYo
What happened -> UuchMaWeTimPa
What is ticking -> MyEech a ShuTick
Whats Name -> Tweege MetSuSeeA
When are you comming back -> YimMiYim Me
When did you get here -> MiYummPumm
When I got there(I got there) -> Inyage
When I got there -> InYage NyaPaum
Where (Hat where is) -> MupYar MaiAwaa
Where are you going -> Mai Ma
Where Did He Go -> MiMahMeYo
Where Hat where lay -> UpYar MiAa Yuk
Where is the sun -> Inyage MiAwaa
Whered you get the Dog -> HuttMiMeYeWa
Whirl -> TakaWhirp
Whisky(Water Hurt) -> HaKarup
Whistle -> weewuu
White -> NymChuck
Whos in first -> MiUpA Hipook Cho
Why -> MuuYuumm
Win -> UuMar
Wind -> HeyYew
Wind Air -> MaTaa
Wind is comming -> MaTaa Am
With -> AaMe
Worm -> Eetlh
Wrap -> HaQuan
Yes -> AaHa
Yesterday -> TeeNaye
Yesterday you got there -> TinNy MaPumaa
You get off -> MaageKeChun
Yucca -> HaKulth
Acorn -> Kuphalth Black Oak And Acorns
Crooked -> SaQui