The game of Peon is based on the hexi-decimal number system.  Regular calls are Media but the word Weddo produces the two's complement of that call.  Think of the right hand as always containing the digit.  If the right hand has a white it is a one.  If it has a black then it is a zero.  If the caller indicates that all the right hands have the white (Todado) then that would be a hex 1111 or 15.  If the caller uses Weddo then he is calling the complement or 0000 which is a 0.  That means that all the right hands have the black instead of the white.

If the caller calls a Grande the then the call is that the first two have blacks and the last two have whites or 0011.  This is a three.  If it is a Weddo call then it is the complement 1100 or twelve.

A chico call to the left is black, white, white, white or 0111, which is a seven.  That is the first player has a black in his right hand, the second a white in his right hand, the third a white in the right hand and the fourth a white in the right hand.  A Weddo call is the complement or 1000, which is a eight.

A Chico call to the right is black, black, black and white or 0001, this is a one.  A Weddo complements this to 1110, which is fourteen.

As long as you think of the right hand you are going to get it.  The only exception is the Todado call.  If the caller points right, then all the whites are in the left hands.  If the caller points to the left then all the whites are in the right hand.  A Weddo still complements it so a Weddo Todado to the right means all the blacks are in the left hand.  A Weddo Todado to the left means all the blacks are in the right hand.  Remember you are facing them so the right and left are reversed.  Like I said, the Todado is the exception and might confuse you.

Indians then did understand the hexi-decimal numbering system.  There was a call for 0, 1, 3, 7, 8, 12, 14 and 15.  Good teams have a sequence of numbers pre-planned.  So you have a series of hex numbers in a planned sequence.  Isn't this a computer program?  How about that!

What about the missing numbers?  Well, remember that players do get knocked out so you can have three, two and one players.  It really doesn't matter how many players are left the calls always remain the same.  As players drop out you don't need the missing numbers.

I was the first guy to notice the hex and hand game relationship.  You saw it here first.