I' m Hungry Inyage NaWere I Hungry

Lets Go Eat ANam ASoo We Go Food

Where Shall We Eat   My Naam AsoHa    Where Go Food Now

We go eat at the Casino    InYaMutt Naam Casino Asow  We Go Casino Food

I want To Eat Beans    MaRrick Asow Ur   Beans eat want

I want to eat strawberry    SupUuHai  (This is our word for native strawberries) Asow Ur

I want to eat desert   KimYerk   (This actually means sweet stuff but we use it for desert) Asow Ur

That Was Good Food    Asow QuaHaun TaYukUm Asow   Food Good in front of me Food

The word for eat is in "I want to eat beans" but the word for food is in the others.  My Dad says there really isn't a word for food but then Asow works. This probably means 'Eats.'  The word for "We go" means "The earth and I."  The word Naam is for several people to go as opposed to Aam which is for one person.

"That food was good" requires some explanation.  There is no past, future or present tense.  When you say "Asow QuaHaun" you might think that is all you need.  A native speaker would not know what food was good or when the food was good.  The "TaYukUm Asow" says "In front right here food."  My Dad talks like that.  Most younger people, including me, would just say "Asow QuaHaun" or worse "QuaHaun Asow."  The real way of talking is fading.