May Crowning Viejas 2001

The whole thing was a half hour late because the queen was having her hair done.  I don't know how the queen is chosen but my sister was a queen and said the queen is suppose to be 13.  She said my older sister was also queen but she was real old like 16 when she was queen.  I guess someone gets asked if they want to be the queen.

This is the procession.  They walk from the tribal office about 3/4 of a mile away.  Sometimes it is really hot and it is a hoof to get there.  This year was kind of mild.

This is the church.  Notice the arc with Ave Maria.  This was taken after church.

This is all important photo.  My late mother used to say, "Make sure you get the picture just as she places the crown on the head."  I guess there a lot of family albums with their family member placing the crown at the exact moment.


Young girls are suppose to drop flower petals before the statute but this year some guys had to pitch in.  They were not too happy.

In years past this was the statue the received the crown.  It is now done indoors inside the church.  This elderly couple is going to offers some prayers to the virgin.