I have made a version of this sit to run on an iPhone.

How I did this

I created this site using Microsoft's FrontPage even thought this has been discontinued by Microsoft. 

I was using pure HTML and Java but I now use PHP.

 I made extensive use of hover buttons and sound.  Hover buttons use “au” files, not “wav” files.  The au files are a lot smaller than wav files.  Au files are native html sound.  Most all of the site is native html except the hover buttons.  The mail portion requires server side extensions, that is Front Page on the host not just your home computer. After getting the FrontPage stuff copied over I use FTP to publish the pages I create and modify.

 I am not an artist.  I have no concept of balance and harmony.  If I could draw the “Who’s home” section would have drawings or the peon section would have better graphics.  Bummer.

 The panorama section I just had to do.   I saw one on the Viejas Casino site and loved it.  I tried to contact the webmaster for advice but he ignored me  (heaven forbid that he have to talk to an Indian).  I did some web research and found that it wasn’t so clever after all.  Quite easy to do.  I am planning to do a virtual thing where you can go inside my house.  Some people still think we live in brush houses.  I used a $100 digital camera to take the pictures and then used software to stitch them together.  There are a lot of things I would like to do like expand the “Practical Kumeyaay” section.  Time is the answer but I don’t really have enough.

 I did this by myself.  It did help that I am a computer programmer from way back, way, way back.  Java is the language of the Internet. I used a lot of Java in my PEON section. In my LIVE PEON section I got real clever and even eliminated the refresh page method. Don't feel bad if you can't understand that code. You got to be some kind of nut to read it and even a bigger nut to write it.

How you can do this

First you have to know or learn the language.  I don't know the language but my Dad does so I tap him for most of my information.  One big problem for most Kumeyaays is learning to pronounce.  I was raised in a family that used Indian words sprinkled throughout the day.  For instance when we wanted eggs scrambled we would say "saquaish in the pan."  That is one of those words that you will not be able to pronounce if you were raised with just English.  The word means stirred.  Maybe you can pick it up if you practice.  If you can't pronounce the words then you are going to have to find someone and now you have another person and it is going to be harder to commit to times and content.

How you can do those cute buttons

You are going to have to draw two images.  I used the Paint program that came with Windows.  They should be GIF files.  Others will work but for graphics with few colors GIFs are the smallest.  The smaller the file the faster the load.  Most reservation Indians only have modems so it is a good idea to make the files as small as possible.  When you create the files with Paint they will not be very small.  The people that make GIFs have a licensing thing.  You can't get real small compression unless you buy their license.  I use Ulead's PhotoImpact to get maximum compression. That program has a license.  My files end up being under 1000 bytes.  If you do not use a GIF compressor they will be a little over twice the size.  Actually not so bad.

I have found that a graphics size of 150 x 100 is a good size.  You can put the graphics in and also title, in letters, for the button.  Draw the first picture, including a title, if you want and then save it.  Modify that first picture for the second picture. Save it under a different name.  I saved the above under CAM1.GIF and CAM2.GIF.  Then you use a Hover Button.  (In FrontPage their called Hover Buttons but there are many Java applet's that do the same thing.)

Leave Button Text blank if you have included text in the graphics.  Modify the Width and Height so your entire graphics will appear.


Custom -> Button will contain the first graphic and On Hover will contain the second.  You can also put sound On Click and On Hover.  I didn't but I may later, depending on load time.

Hover buttons are really easy to use but when something is easy to use there is usually a performance hit. To get faster hover buttons you are going to have to use the HTML Input buttons. They also have a hover property but it is called mouseover. I used it in my WORDS section because it is much faster BUT it takes some programming knowledge to make it do what you want. If you are really new to all this stick with the FrontPage hover buttons they really can do a lot.

How to do GIF animation

This house is just a series of drawings.  You draw the first, then save it.  You modify the first to make the second then save it.  Modify the second to make the third and save it and do on and so forth.  I used the Microsoft Paint program to create the above in GIF format.  Then you will need a GIF animation program. It is real simple.  You just enter the order of the images and that's it.   The Ulead PhotoImpact program mentioned below comes with a GIF animator.  Ulead also sells a separate GIF animator for $40.  They have a free trial download, in their web site, that you can use for 30 days for free.  Actually I used their free trail download because I couldn't figure out how to access the animator from the PhotoImpact product.  How many frames you want to draw is up to you.  In my Peon section I just drew two frames, the hand closed and the hand open.  You can draw two frames and the animator will attempt to fill in the frame between them.  The more animation you have on the page the slower it will run.  I couldn't use the above on my menu page because there already was too much animation and the house was flashing.  On this page it works fine because it is all by itself.

Learn web programming

I like FrontPage.  It is fairly easy to use and I think that most people could learn it.  The most learning I had to do was how to publish the page and how to use the web space that was given to me when I signed up with my ISP.  Most people are given web space when they sign up for an internet account but most people don't know how to use it.  It did take me a while and I am sure that I have junk out on the web from sites that I didn't mean to create or I have lost in the whole process.  You really don't have to know HTML, Java or some other stuff to produce a real nice site.  If you do use FrontPage you can use straight HTML and not worry about learning it.  I found that it was nice if the host has something called FrontPage extensions.  I can do more things but even if the host has FrontPage extensions you must tell the host to turn them on.  So, if you have a Internet account you can buy FrontPage and get started right away.

Web name

If you want a descriptive site you must have a descriptive name.  You must then choose a name and try to see if it is not already registered.  The first time I chose a name I used register.com.  The second time I used www.doteasy.com because you can sign up for just one year.  The cost is $25 and that includes your web space. Some people find it hard to believe but for $25 you get your name registered and your web space. In a few days you are ready to get going. It takes a few days for doteasy to set everything up so you won't be up the day you sign up. It is not that hard to get going. I saw a lawyer all agog because someone was going to give her organization web space. Don't be fooled, this is all fairly inexpensive and easy to do.


This company makes many web type programs.  I used PhotoImpact 6 for all of my graphics.  It is primarily a scanning software.  I use it for my scanner but the graphics editor can be used for all graphics.  After I stitched my panorama photos together I edited them with this product.  The best thing about this product is the image compressor.   You can compress the image with a slide bar.  As the file compresses you can see the effect on the image in real time.  You can then balance size (download time) with resolution.  You can download a free trail version and use it even if you don't have a scanner.  They are at www.ulead.com and the product is excellent.


This is the program that I used to collect the sounds.  You can use the default media player but this product has a whole bunch of bells and whistles.  I also processed tribal songs with this program and transferred them from tape onto CDs.  These are not included in this web site because many Kumeyaays do not want public access to them.  I also recorded some stories using this product.  I was able to filter out the tape hum and hiss with this product.  If you have the time, you can clear up those Nixon tapes.  May he rest in peace. This product has a trial version available at www.goldwave.com.  The trial version does not stop working so you do not have to worry about it timing out in the middle of a project.  Pay for this program, it is worth every penny.